The Secrets of Nibiru - Planet X and the 5th Dimension

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vrijdag 28 november 2014


Just how long will people argue about Nibiru's return? That 10th / 12th planet (depending on how you look at it)? For at least a 100 years before the general masses actually start to see the extremely unavoidable signs occurring 'all around them.' Until they can make bunkers that can survive in boiling lava for decades, they're really wasting effort, time, and money.

Eleven dimensions? Yup, it's more than probable.

Part of the video (the intro) is REMIXED FROM - Ben TimeTraveler channel - NIBIRU/BROWN DWARF AKA WORMWOOD! Who, What, When, Where, Why and How!

To understand, briefly, about the 5th dimension? Click here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf3nR...

IF you are curious about Planet X ~ Nibiru ~ Wormwood ~ Brown Dwarf that are seen across the internet and television... The SECOND SUN, ... and would like to have a few answers to the many questions that you no doubt have, this is a very god video. It includes details, facts, graphs etc. MARDUK, FRIGHTENER, DESTROYER, HERCOLOBUS, NIBIRU

Have the Anunnaki already arrived and infiltrated the human race, or are measures being taken to create a shield, a barrier, in the atmosphere to keep them at bay? You decide.

The Fireballs that have fallen footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ4GY...

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It's all energy. The beautiful intelligent mind talking near the end may be found at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMjN... Learn about the 'resonance of frequency' (namely yours). What she speaks of holds a most valuable secret in regards to survival 'now and then,' and to getting what you want in 'this life.' Listen to what she speaks of. The magic is all abound and in so many ways that it is incredible. That's all I will say. It's a third eye thAng, and she's very far from crazy. I would like to think those whom trekked upon the grounds of Egypt, when the pyramids were 'working,' were just as balanced, free, open to the energies all around us, 'understanding,' and able, to realize what this life, a true gift, truly has to offer. Tell you what? Call me crazy, instead. Please. I've yet to get to that 'level of resonance,' but I'm getting close. My bad? No, it's the 'Tao' in me. :)

EACH person be but like a tuning fork for the entire cosmos. 'Realize.'

It becomes created as you envision it. Time be a frequency of illusion. Maintain your dream, resonate 'your vibrations of thought and efforts to get there....' True Paradise.

Open your inner portal. It does exist. Avoid the distractions, anger and fear.
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