Etheric Vampires and Life Suckers

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vrijdag 21 november 2014


Are you an etheric vampire?

 I am sure most of you have been lead to believe vampires are just silly kids stories or sometimes erotic fables in movies, fairy tales, or children's books. Especially since the major hype over the recent expansion of erotic teen vampire fables, but what if I were to tell you they very much are real? You probably have met several throughout your life. Or what if I told you a rather large percentage of people alive are infested with this horrible disease? Or perhaps you may even be one yourself but are completely unaware of it? 

   Maybe you feel there is something wrong, but just can't place precisely what it is. You just seem slightly "off" and consistently have a growing craving, a thirst that can never seem to be quenched. You might argue, "Alex, don't be silly. I know I'm not a vampire because I have no problem being outside in sunlight, and besides I can't stand the taste of blood." What if I were to tell you that you were what some refer to as a day-walker, and that the the hunger you constantly crave isn't necessarily blood, but it's the substance blood offers to all living things, life. 

   The unfortunate reality is vampires do truly exist and many actually thrive throughout this world. They thrive in every community, every congregation, every country, city, and there may even be one in every family... Now before you run to the grocery store and begin pillaging the fresh produce section scavaging for garlic, I must inform you it will have little real benefit against the real vampires. You see, over the years somehow the truth about vampires has became inflated and exaggerated, probably just for the excitement of ghost stories, or perhaps it's because we have lost our connection to our etheric life-source, or perhaps we have became dull and our keenness of perception has been lost or misplaced. Or I suppose it could be a combination of them all?

   Real vampires are people just like you and I, but they are infected with a malicious mental disease that causes them to be in a state of constant discontent. Their Ego personality is damaged from years of neglect and abuse that it takes on a very sinister disposition towards others in order to etherically feel "alive." The etheric Life-Force of others is the only thing that keeps the vampire alive. Every second spent near a vampire drains and sucks on your etheric energy, making you feel agitated, weak, tired, and increasingly uncomfortable. Your presence temporarily gives the vampire a boost of energy so they are able to live if not only for one more day, but when you leave they begin to decay back to their original energy level, back to their natural state where they came from. They can't sustain the higher energy because its borrowed, its not theirs. The only way to sustain it is to create it yourself, but a vampire lacks the energy and understanding to do so.

   The reason you desperately want to escape their grasp is because they are so insecure they are metaphysically trapped in a program of perpetual insecurity, its a disease of the mind that makes them infringe on you. They are like a sinking ship, they bring you down with them. In the physical world the reason it bugs you is because they have no interest in giving you attention because their mind is too busy trying to feed off you in order to please itself. By constantly focusing on themselves and constantly calling on you to do things for them, and constantly leaning on you as if you are their life raft this saps the energy right out of you and makes you want to desperately escape. 

   Often etheric vampires are the monsters they have became because over the years their heart has grown cold and shriveled due to a lack of love, support, and compassion. Really almost always it is because of a lack of meaningful connection in the world. So when a straggler accidentally stumbles into their lair they pounce on them and etherically zap them until you are either dead and no use to them or you manage to slip away. When we are supported by our friends and family it is much easier to maintain higher "spirits", because we literally have their etheric support. Others are lifting us up into a higher more desirable dimension. We are not left alone and tossed in the cellar left to rot and die like some unfortunate people are, and astonishingly to everyone's surprise one night they hear a rapping tapping at the cellar door, suddenly grandma who has miraculously came back to life, busted through the cellar door, launched across the living room, knocked over a house plant, and plopped down on the sofa demanding your love and attention because she refuses to die and much less go away. Even if you stab her in the heart, shove a quarter-pound of garlic cloves down her throat and pray she begone she's here to stay.

   You see etheric vampires aren't some evil sick twisted soulless monsters we have been lead to believe, that's much to romantic and considerably easier to deal with than reality. Vampires are just extremely lonely and confused people that are tossed aside, neglected, and unloved. They lack the knowledge and understanding of how to effectively control their etheric energy that is necessary in order to thrive. Etheric vampires are typically people who lacked true connection and love as a child. They were not necessarily physically abused or hurt, but perhaps their parents were just too busy slaving away trying to provide them with physical things and a place to live, or maybe their parents lacked the intelligence or understanding required to make any meaningful connection, perhaps their parents were dead, and of course its always possible they just didn't care. This is why vampirism is a contagious disease that is passed on for generations, its not only in your blood, but also in your genetic memory.

   Now before you become too indignant, please let me offer the solution, no, it is not to kill the vampire or banish it to it Hell, it is to love it and concentrate on it to heal it, and to teach it how to heal itself by loving itself. This isn't the easiest option because it requires your time, effort, your sincerity  your concentration. It requires your love. Love is nothing more than concentration. When you love someone you think about them, you concentrate on them, you empower them with your mind. Your focus, your Will Power is the most powerful tool available to you, it is the heart of your true power. You can be a healer that heals sicknesses, diseases, anger, depression, and much more, but you have to care to begin with. You have to love yourself.

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