Torture Device Used on Incarcerated Arkansas Youth

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dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

A bizarre was photo taken at the Yell County Juvenile Detention Center in Arkansas, and it has been obtained from a FOIA request and released on the internet, currently going viral.


The picture displays a teen in a restraint system similar to a straightjacket, except it appears to cover a person’s face completely.  Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of this photographic evidence of torture, is the appearance of the thing covering the teen’s face.

What is that thing covering the kid’s face? Why does it look like duct-tape with disturbing cross-eyed cartoon eyes drawn on it with sharpie? That might just be indicative of a whole process of humiliation that accompanies this abuse.

In any case, several young people incarcerated at this facility are outraged over the use of this humiliating device, as well as state officials. Because of the vocal opposition from the youth, ‘the state is now urging them to stop using the devices’.

Kids can get locked up in these full body straightjackets for up to 4 hours at a time, and it is currently unknown why they would be subject to this in the first place.

State Juvenile Ombudsman Scott Tanner said “the WRAP caused difficulty breathing and increased anxiety. He also says it presents a risk for head injury and violates state standards, which say any placement of juveniles must be therapeutic and not punitive.”

Tanner also interviewed kids incarcerated at this place, and he paraphrased what they said :

“It is torture. This should not happen to kids[...]The restraint was additionally humiliating and traumatizing because they were restrained in the wrap in front of other detainees.“ 

In a report to cease this gross practice, Tanner also said, “I believe the manner in which the WRAP restraint is being used in your center creates significant liability. This is magnified by deficiencies in both policy and documentation. Based on my own experience in this restraint and interviews of youth similarly restrained, it is my opinion that the use of the WRAP restraint on youth is inappropriate. ”

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