TYLER platform has been activated Anonymous says

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maandag 10 december 2012

The message that is going on the internet is that the Anonymous platform TYLER has been activated. The platform is activated as of 8:17 AM December 7th, 2012.

TYLER is a secure, no cost and decentralized online leaks release platform that is build to replace Wikileaks. The idea of the TYLER platform got initiated after Anonymous told the world that they will not be supporting the Wikileaks initiative anymore.

Anonymous has told Cyberwarzone that they will launch a new video on 11/12/12 that will be revealing the #PM2012 operation.

The video will try to warn the people for the upcoming leaks and Anonymous is trying to keep the people calm when the leaks are leaked. The PM2012 video is a call to remain peaceful.

Project Mayhem also know as PM2012 is well known by people that are following the steps of Anonymous. You can view earlier Project Mayhem videos below.

Bron: cyberwarzone.com

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