In Amerika droppen ze 1,8 miljoen vaccinaties met live virussen vanuit de lucht...

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dinsdag 24 april 2012

( Brasschecktv) Two million live virus oral vaccine/bait units were dropped by airplane all over the state. Each package was dipped in fish oil and fish meal crumbles to make the vaccine/bait appealing to animals. Yummy.

The claim is that these packages are 'harmless', however they do contain a LIVE virus. Should you come into contact with one and you have an easily compromised immune system you should contact your physician immediately.

Rabies vaccine to be dropped from the air

by KVUE News - kvue.com

The Texas Department of State Health Services will drop vaccines from the air Wednesday.

It's part of the annual effort to protect people and livestock from rabies. They'll drop about 1.8 million doses of the rabies vaccine over the next month.

The vaccines are enclosed in small packets dipped in fish oil and coated with fish meal crumbles.

The baits don't pose a risk to humans, but organizers say you should avoid them because animals are less likely to eat the bait if a human has touched it.

Check out this video for details...

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