Nuclear plant vents radioactive steam onto downtown Chicago

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dinsdag 31 januari 2012

First, i would like to say much love to the people of Chicago — this is the last thing anyone needs to hear right about now — but since the MSM decided to BURY this story — Im sure it will come as a shock to a lot of people up in the great ‘windy city’.

If you were outside today in Downtown Chicago — Any time after about 1030am CST — 1/30/2012 — chances are , you may have been exposed to NUCLEAR RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT from the steam that was vented by the  Byron Illinois / Exelon Nuclear power plant.

More specifically, aerosolized particulates of Tritium were in the clouds of steam released—- those clouds then blew down into Chicago area proper.  As to whether people inhaled these particles — only time will tell now.

They say low levels— but — you can easily find out the health risks associated with this radioactive particle.

On top of fukushima (japan) radiation – this is the last thing anyone needs.

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