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woensdag 5 oktober 2011

(Not knowing) Meeting in Not-Knowing is recognising that your true nature is Life itself. Unmani points to who you really are beyond all the words and concepts. Recognise who you are, and know that there is not, and never has been anything missing. 

Absolute Wholeness... Absolute Oneness...  Absolute Love... This is who YOU are.
And yet, seeking is such a dramatic game that Life plays with itself. Seeking to fill that empty hole in 'my life' which seems so painful. Seeking for some kind of permanent security or satisfaction. Hoping that 'one day I will find what I'm looking for'. Whatever is, right now, never seems to be enough...

Recognising who You are is the end of overlooking that which has never been anywhere but right here. The end of pretending to know or trying to know. This is absolute Not-Knowing. Forever falling in absolute insecurity. This is what I am. I am what You are. Life itself. Unmani points to the end of the spiritual search. Actually finding what you have been looking for. Finding that it has never been anywhere but right here. Realising the paradox of Life.  
Participating in a retreat with Unmani is an intensive opportunity to dive into the exploration of your true nature. Recognise who you really are and then see that whatever happens, happens in and as that.

Know this for yourself rather than simply believing what others have told you or what you have read. Together we will investigate the reality of beliefs or concepts that you may have. We so often long for freedom from the prison of thought. Losing more and more constructs means that life begins to feel more and more open and more alive. There is no end to this unraveling of old mechanisms and patterns, but in resting in that that you really are, there is a knowing that you are never actually touched by anything that happens. This knowing provides the courage to really explore what you fear and hide from as well as opening up more possibility for joy and freedom.


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