Why Nothing Happened on October 14th

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maandag 1 december 2008

No UFOs appeared on October 14th, but many other prophecies have come true. For the first time ever, we reveal some of our own that we hid on the Internet — until now!


by David Wilcock



I started working on this post on Monday, October 13th, the day BEFORE the latest in an ongoing chain of date-specific channeled prophecies comes and goes without incident. It’s now 4:44 am, ironically, as I publish it. For those who were really looking forward to this happening, I’m sorry to say that the news is not going to change today. There will be no mass UFO sighting.

I’ve taken some time away from Part Five of my 2012 Politics series to address this particular issue, in response to all the emails I would otherwise get asking me why nothing happened. 

In the decade I’ve been online, I’ve probably never had as much of an issue on my hands as I’ve had with the October 14th emails. A typical day’s load has included five to ten October 14th emails, per day, for at least the last month now.

The last time a specific date attracted this much attention was May 15, 2003, when many Internet channelers rose to support Nancy Lieder’s initial prophecy that "Planet X" would swing past the Earth and cause a pole shift, destroying the majority of all life here in the process. Many people wrote me and were absolutely convinced this was going to happen, and got very upset that I did not support the prophecy and / or was not doing more to tell the world.

Tonight’s post is partly my celebration of the fact that once the 14th has passed, such emails will almost completely stop coming in, except for those asking me why the big event failed to materialize. If you sent me such an email, I have directed you to this link so I can give you a fuller explanation of this issue without having to repeat myself.

It has been draining to answer so many letters asking me exactly the same thing, even though I’ve now given my opinion in at least two different audio blogs as well as Part IV of my crop circle piece. I am very relieved that this situation is finally about to end, and I am sincerely sorry for all those people who will feel let down or disappointed when nothing happens.

The October 14th prophecy upset does not in any way discredit the seriousness or the validity of the UFO phenomenon. The sad fact is that the vast majority of people studying UFOs are unaware of the laws by which the ETs govern themselves — laws that make it impossible for such an event to occur at this stage in our planetary game.

These laws are written into the primordial essence of the Universe itself, and therefore cannot be contravened. As you awaken to your true identity as the One Infinite Creator, you discover that free will is the most important principle that governs our Universe. It is a principle that the entire Universe is set up to insure will not be violated beyond the level to which it is invited.


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