Samen een zuivere intentie neerzetten: Intent and vision to make it rain in Afrika

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maandag 26 september 2011

De gedachten die we hebben en de dingen die we denken creëren vaak onze werkelijkheid. Haridas baba, grondlegger van Shamballa heeft een verzoek aan een ieder die zich verbonden voelt met moeder aarde en de mensen.

Beginning the month of October 2011 and running every Sunday for the next six months through March 2012, Hari Das will facilitate a WORLD PUJAS meditation for bringing rain to the horn of Africa and for relief of the famine which has caused so much hardship and suffering for the people of this area.

You can join this group effort at any time simply by making the intent to join and by sharing the focus of love for this area on the following Sundays at any time that you feel inspired... or, on any other day or time that you feel inspired. You automatically connect with and engage the energy of this Collective intention and prayer whenever you intend to do so...

Know, that your light....and your love magnifies the prayer for relief, and the power for change.

May the rain of blessings bring great love, support, healing and relief for all the needs of the people throughout the horn of Africa.

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