What You’ve Been Missing: Exposing The Noble Lie

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woensdag 27 juli 2011

Exposing the Noble Lie is the first episode from What You’ve Been Missing and was created to fill the massive gap created by corporate media, between itself and reality.
A virtual variety show with a point, helps you learn how to outgrow the status quo; through a systematic process of critical thinking supplemented with comedy. It’s better than “news”, it’s What You’ve Been Missing!

Brought to you in HD and Commercial-Free by The Tragedy and Hope Online Community…
A fear-free zone of mutual respect and critical thinking; where individual exploration(s) are shared to empower subscribers with cooperative understanding.
Tragedy and Hope is funded directly by its audience members; therefore, it is specifically designed to prevent the conflicts of interest which promote CENSORSHIP for profit. The result: reliable and factual information to make accurate judgments.

Knowledge is a process of organizing data, in formation. Logic is the understanding of our knowledge. Wisdom is sharing what we understand with others.

Bron: Documentary Heaven

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