Was of is Obama Osama ?

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donderdag 14 juli 2011

Due to the overwhelming success of the video "IS OBAMA REALLY OSAMA BIN LADEN" that has been available online thanks to the help of halturnerradio and others copying and re pasting it over the years; the video received well over 1 million hits, even after you tube attempted to remove the original just one month before President Obama became President in 2008/2009...
Since then, the evidence for the original idea has grown considerably and there is now much more evidence to support and prove the initial-claim of the original-video, which has led to the creation of this follow-up!!
Ironically, much of the evidence is now available thanks to the ongoing efforts to cover-up this blatant lie by those in on the secret, and by the help of antimatterradio.com who highlighted that the palm-print of Osama and Obama also match... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RciKhXTfKmE
The blatant attempt by Obama to destroy the Osama-terrorist myth has clearly proven that the LIE is so big that it was growing out of control... After his own birth certificate was in disrepute, it is very clear that it took just week to declare the apparent death of Bin Laden, who was alegedly burried at sea so that no body could be tested for authenticity. The desperate attempts to even prove his white heritage as a "CATHOLIC-MUSLUM" were then instituted...

In fact it is with a 99.9% certainty, that Osama and Obama have "IDENTICAL FACIAL FEATURES", "IDENTICAL PALM PRINTS", "IDENTICAL BODY SHAPE", "IDENTICAL BODY LANGUAGE", "IDENTICAL VOICE PATTENS" "IDENTICAL MUSLIM ROUTES", "IDENTICAL DEXTERITY", "IDENTICAL UNDERSTANDING IN THE SPEAKING OF THE ARABIC LANGUAGE"; which is compelling evidence that would certainly prove the cover-up in any court of law! With this much evidence, it is certainly clear that anyone else not in a position of power and influence would already be paraded as a terrorist and already answerable to the evidence against them... Clearly ONE RULE for the Common Man and ONE RULE for the MASOINIC Elite of the New world order who think they are above the law... BUT then, one thing is certain, there is a fine line between truth and fiction and if such collective evidence is not enough to prove the connection, then EVERY PERSON IN PRISON because of these very methods SHOULD BE FREE!!!!!!!!!! WHAT is JUSTICE? AND WHO brings Justice??
Freedom of the Press sets Us Free!!

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