E-Book: The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines!

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maandag 30 mei 2011

I am pleased & honored to present this book to those in the world who love the truth. This is a book for lovers of the Truth.
This is a book for those who are already familiar with my past writings. An Illuminati Grand Master once said that the world is a stage and we are all actors. Of course this was not an original thought, but it certainly is a way of describing the Illuminati view of how the world works.

The people of the world are an audience to which the Illuminati entertain with propaganda.
Just one of the thousands of recent examples of this type of acting done for the public was President Bill Clinton’s 1995 State of the Union address. The speech was designed to push all of the warm fuzzy buttons of his listening audience that he could. All the green lights for acceptance were systematically pushed by the President’s speech with the help of a controlled congressional audience. The truth on the other hand doesn’t always tickle the ear and warm the ego of its listeners.

The light of truth in this book will be too bright for some people who will want to return to the safe comfort of their darkness.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I deal with real facts, not theory.

Be aware and warned!

Download the book - Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines!

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