Scientists Discover Nibiru, but call it Tyche (?)

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vrijdag 18 februari 2011

We may have lost Pluto, but it looks like we might be getting Tyche (aka Niburu).

Scientists may soon be able to prove the existence of the gas giant, which could be four times the size of Jupiter, according to astrophysicists John Matese and Daniel Whitmire from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The two first proposed Tyche’s existence in order to explain a change in path of comets entering the solar system, according to The Independent.
So how could we have missed such a massive planet in our own solar system?

Well, it’s 15,000 times further from the sun than Earth, according to Gizmodo. Tyche (if it does exist) lies in the Oort cloud, the outer shell of asteroids in our solar system.

Despite what the scientists believe they will find in the data (which will be released in April and was collected by NASA Wise space telescope), there is at least one flaw in their theory. Theoretically, a planet of Tyche’s size should seriously disturb comets in the inner Oort Cloud, but that effect is yet to have been observed, according to The Independent.

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