Aurora's Over Norway

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zondag 13 februari 2011

How about a plane ticket to Norway? A solar wind stream due to brush past Earth's magnetic field around Feb. 14th could spark romantic lights around the Arctic Circle. Gabi and Gunter Reichert send this preview from Henningsvaer, a fishing village in Norway's Lofoten islands:

Note the wildlife in the foreground. "We were taking pictures of the Northern Lights on Feb. 10th when this fox strolled right into our photo," say Gabi and Gunter. "He looked at us from a distance of 4 or 5 meters, yawned, and then laid down. We illuminated him with a little lamp to get this composite of green auroras with a red onlooker."

Aurora watchers red and otherwise should be alert for polar geomagnetic storms next week. Aurora alerts make a nice Valentine's Gift, too: text or voice!

More Images:
From Valentin Jiganov in the Murmansk region of Russia; from LeRoy Zimmerman of Ester, Alaska; from Øystein Ingvaldsen of Norway; from Maxim Letovaltsev in the Hibiny mountains of Russia; from Chad Blakley of Abisko National Park, Sweden; from Hinrich Baesemann of Tromsø, northern Norway;

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