Teenager builds death-ray in the garden, which can burn through almost anything

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maandag 31 januari 2011

A 'death ray' satellite dish that could heat objects 5,000 times the power of the sun has got internet users hot under the collar.

Eric Jacqmain, from Indiana in the US, covered an ordinary fibreglass satellite dish with 5,800 tiny mirror tiles.

When aligned correctly it can generate a heat spot a couple of centimetres across, with an intensity of 5,000 suns, the 19-year-old claims.

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Solar power: Eric Jacqmain's 'death ray' dish was covered in about 5800 mirror tiles and had an intensity of 5000 suns

Solar power: Eric Jacqmain labelled his 'death ray' dish his 'latest and greatest solar invention' - and he is working on further developments

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