5 Gateways Film Release: Feb/Mar 2011‏

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woensdag 26 januari 2011

In association with conscious film makers Smiling Dragonfly,
Openhand is pleased to announce the release of its feature documentary "5Gateways".


* is a profound routemap followed by spiritual masters throughout the ages.
* has the power to awaken souls and catalyse your spiritual journey.
* can release you from unnecessary cycles of fear and suffering.
* can lift you into a more harmonious vibrational reality.
*is perhaps mankind's greatest untold story.

"5 Gateways" will be premiered in Glastonbury on 23rd Feb, following which, it will go on general release on Youtube, Facebook and Openhandweb in March.

Colourful documentary
The world is undergoing a very turbulent evolutionary process. As the very fabric of our society crumbles, a new paradigm is unfolding all around us founded on unconditional love, joy and mutual respect for all life. The question is, how do we join it?
There are many paths up the spiritual mountain, for each of us the journey will be unique. Yet we are all influenced in very similar ways as we pass key 'altitudes' on route to the summit. Understanding these transitions can remove much unnecessary suffering in our lives and catalyse our next step.

"5 Gateways" is a colourful documentary, detailing from direct first hand experience, the spiritual transitions we all must make if we are to peel away the blockages that limit us and unfold into the new paradigm. The time is now. There is no other time!

Film Premiere and General Release

    UK Film Premiere
    Glastonbury Town Hall
    23rd February, doors open 7pm
    Entrance £5 (including refreshments)

The film premiere will be introduced by its narrator Chris Bourne who will also be on hand to take questions afterwards.
"5 Gateways" is set to go on General Release on Youtube, Facebook and Openhandweb during March 2011. Since we believe it portrays a universal truth, we felt to make it freely available from the heart (although you'll also be able to buy a high resolution DVD from Openhandweb - stay tuned for details).

Openhand would like to pay special tribute to Brendan and Stephie Shoebridge of Smiling Dragonfly (www.SmilingDragonfly.com) for a marvelous production; to Trinity Bourne and Lesley Lord for their selfless service to the film's creation and to all who have contributed to this wonderful project.
Film promotion: how can you help?
We believe "5 Gateways" will be of great value to evolving people everywhere, but we have no feelings to 'market' in the traditional sense. We trust that with the help of those who've seen it, the word will spread and the film will follow its own course.
Can you help us? Here's how:

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