Birdless bird sanctuary in North Holland

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dinsdag 18 januari 2011

I took this amazing video a couple of days ago, this is a bird sanctuary in North Holland but look closely, this area should be teeming with birds but its deserted!

I drive past this sanctuary frequently and it is always full of birds, where did they go?

Five kilometers East of here I filmed this.

I was travelling south today from Den Helder towards my own city Alkmaar in North Holland around 4:PM. I had a strange feeling I would be seeing some dead birds, don't know where the feeling came from I just knew, like we all have sometimes, so as I left Den Helder on the A9 I decided to stay alert and watch the surrounding countryside as I drove.

The weather was cold but very sunny and the surrounding countryside wonderful but nothing unusual. However halfway through my journey I suddenly started seeing black shapes lying along the side of the road, I focused my eyes and realised they where Dead Birds!

I pulled over into a parking bay and grabbed my camera, what I saw was shocking, about fifty birds where lying dead by the side of the road, or on the field close by, birds littered the other side of the road too but I couldn't come there because of the busy traffic.

Most of these birds have been hit by vehicles, it's plain to see but why so many in one small area, about 500 metres and the rest of the journey I saw nothing, no more birds, it just doesn't make sense.
Why would all these birds die in one small area?

I didn't have time to take photo's of all the birds and the ones on the other side of the road where impossible to reach, I would conservatly estimate 50+ birds in less than a Kilometer?

dead birds
dead birds

dead birds
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