Dead birds in Alabama fuel more Bible prophecy queries

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vrijdag 14 januari 2011

More birds are dead as 300 grackles fell out of the sky near Huntsville, Ala., and slammed into a rash of objects Thursday, Jan. 13.

According witnesses, drivers watched as birds fell dead and flew into trees, poles and cars.

The incidents continue to baffle scientists while theories such as secret government testing, unreported earthquake activity, magnetic field shifts and the Great Tribulation are being mulled.

Each theory has its merits, officials say.

Earthquakes have been recorded in record number near the New Madrid Zone and a number of experts say the Magnetic North Pole is shifting, disrupting flight and migration patterns of birds.

The jury will likely be out for awhile on whether the government is conducting secret testing, unless Alex Jones suddenly produces evidence worth scientific juxtaposition.

As expected, many Christians around the world believe the dead birds, whether killed by earthquakes, magnetic shifts-even testing, is the work of God of the Bible, who may be thrusting the world into the End Times, the chaotic precursor to the return of Jesus Christ.

Meantime, in Alabama, the black birds, grackles, seemed to have died from some form of trauma. Like birds tested in Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee--even Sweden and Italy, the recent kill included birds with broken bones and contusions.





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