Winged Disc bij de zon, symbool van planeet Niburu?

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dinsdag 11 januari 2011

God's eye, Planet X, or dimensional portal: strange sun pictures may solve the mass bird and fish die off

A photograph of the sun is being compared with ancient images going back thousands of years. The so-called "Winged Disc" has made its way from Middle Eastern religions to corporate logos such as Chrysler. These are ancient symbols of power, which cross many cultures, from ancient Egyptian, to modern electoral politics and campaigns.

The alleged appearance of this sun symbol in the sky are shaking all kinds of lunatics, theorists, and doom mongers from the shadows, Are they right? Is this real? Does it have a connection with the great bird, fish and bat die off? The answer could lie in these photographs of the sun, which show a strange halo surrounding Sol.

Is this "halo" magnetic, does it interfere with biological processes on Earth? Could it be the source of a magnetic disruption which destroyed or altered the navigational abilities of the now dead birds, bats, and fish?

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In the ancient Near East and Egypt the Winged Disk
emblem was the symbol of Nibiru.

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