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woensdag 5 januari 2011

Researcher Nick Begich and radio host Alex Jones commented on the recent bird die-off in Beebe, Arkansas (over 5,000 blackbirds fell to their deaths over a one-mile area) and the connection to possible secret testing or experiments. The birds’ organs were pulverized internally, almost liquefied, and one of the prime suspects as to the cause would be some type of electromagnetic test or energy weapons, said Jones. It’s possible that Project HAARP, some type of micro blast, or strange weather manipulation might be the explanation, Begich added. For more, see this article by Jones and Paul Watson.

BIRD deaths reported in 2011 (in the past 4 days)…

Arkansas — 5000 +
Louisiana — 500 +
Kentucky — dozens
Canada (Manitoba) – 10,000
New Zealand
Japan and Hong Kong, (H1N1 blamed)
Falköping Sweden
North Carolina – hundreds of Pelicans (autopsy have ruled out humans killing birds)
Italy – 300 doves
Bats in Arizona:
Bats in New Hampshire

FISH & SEA LIFE deaths reported in 2011 (in the past 4 days)…

Arkansas (100,00 dead fish) washed up along Arkansas river
Maryland (10,000 dead fish) in Chesapeake Bay
Brazil (100 tons of dead fish – millions) washed ashore
New Zealand (100 dead fish)
UK/Whales 100 dead crab/Bream/Other
Italy (100,000 dead fish)
Viet Nam (150 Tons)
Florida Manatee deaths

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