Virtual Science

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donderdag 25 november 2010

The existence of Virtual Science is a phenomenon that has not been identified on the Earth. It is a totally foreign and alien discipline. In this sense, it is a field of study unknown to this planet.

Virtual Science exists primarily outside of this dimension. In fact, it originated outside of this universe.

Beings who experiment with Virtual Science have targeted the Earth. Virtual Science is capable of transporting anything from below and above any particular energy field onto another surface to make it appear and function as real as the original object without needing a Virtual Scientist or Virtual Operator at any particular place. A Virtual Scientist or Operator can remove, replace or establish another form of Virtual Energy to make things work and bring things into being.

Experiments with Virtual Science have produced and reproduced sound waves that are so foreign to this dimension that it is hard to believe that they are really sound waves. Virtual Sound Waves have the potential for greater harm or benefit than those that are perceived on this planet.

Virtual Science originates a long way from this planet; it is from the future. Virtual Scientists can be well-intended and altruistic, but most of them are selfish and out for personal gain, and their activities could be construed as irresponsible and dark. Some Virtual Scientists have already homed in on the planet and have tampered with the past. While Virtual Scientists are in the future and they have a general picture of what will occur, it is not a perfect picture, because details are constantly changing as dimensions here, including the astral and those nearby and intersecting, are being manipulated and modified by Virtual Science.

Beneath ocean floors lie huge reservoirs of energy that are peculiarly foreign to this planet. It is a build up of very concentrated energy that is able to transform a whole spectrum of things and events. It is this prize beneath the Earth that Virtual Scientists seek. They do not care what damage they do in their pursuit of this valuable resource. The serious aspect of Virtual Science aside, there are those who use the entire Earth as a playground, and its inhabitants as participants in their virtual game.

Virtual Scientists have impressed humans to produce virtual games. When these develop into sophisticated virtual life events that afford people a chance to live out their dreams and fantasies and invent a new life, it will be a marker for the start of many nightmares. The virtual life games available today on the internet are crude precursors of what is to come. Today, the large-scale, virtual games that have been marketed to the world are still virtual games. Those coming will allow people to consciously commit themselves to a simulated virtual life. It is in these upcoming virtual games that people will be given the chance to choose their virtual destinies. Many will embrace these experiences.

What is so dangerous about the upcoming virtual life experiences is that when a consciousness enters into and merges with virtual realities, the virtual life is so real that they can become attached to it. Those who become thoroughly attached to virtual realities can lose their way and not be able to get out of them. At first, they might switch back and forth, consciously living and recalling glimpses from the Earth and the game. At some point, however, they might lose perspective and merge into one or other of the realities. Whichever reality they ultimately adjust to, they will have varying degrees of mental instability just from exposure to the technologically-advanced virtual activities. If they accept the totally artificial reality as their new life, then they will be decidedly disadvantaged on the Earth in many ways.

In the virtual games that are to come, virtual life will not require a physical body; it will only use the mental body or the consciousness. The entry into virtual life could be partial or total. The greater the involvement with virtual life, and the deeper the immersion into virtual life, the more distant the Earth will become. People's physical bodies will usually survive the initiation into virtual life as the participants adjust to living two or more separate lives. But many things can go wrong with the virtual-life technology that is coming.

Virtual life will displace many consciousnesses. The most vulnerable ones are those who frequent the internet and have been mentally manipulated to anonymously mock, scorn and maliciously accuse and belittle others for their own selfish and nefarious reasons. As a matter of fact, the internet, as we know it now, is the product of what certain Virtual Scientists designed and prompted humans to develop, utilise and maintain. By tapping into the internet, deviant Virtual Scientists can eavesdrop on anything they want. In a sense, we are all unwitting participants in the big, virtual screen of unsavoury voyeurs.

A very serious symptom of misusing the internet is the inclination towards paedophilia. However, not all cases of paedophilia are due to mental manipulation, just as not all “lone gunmen” are the result of mental manipulation. When a victim's “use by” date arrives, the victim is left to self destruct, which can lead to many consequences.

Ironically, the Earth is already part of a virtual reality within other virtual realities, within artificial realities. Hence, the people on Earth are already suffering from artificial-reality delusions, and will really lose perspective as they experiment with artificial, virtual life. In a macro sense, the Earth has been converted into a virtual prison, with affairs being manipulated and influenced by unseen hands.

The new virtual life game will have prisoners, slaves and servants just as surely as they have them on Earth. The virtual slave masters will have control. Those who entered for an escape, a holiday, or a lark will often find themselves entrapped in the new game, which will mirror the larger virtual realities already in existence. As explained in my SGSSH writings, the virtual realities are collapsing, and the upcoming miniaturised virtual life is an attempt by Virtual Scientists to salvage what remains of the disintegrating virtual creation. In simple terms, it is their attempt at creating a preservation ark.

By the way, Virtual Scientists from the future have also created biological robots of another kind. These biological robots are new types of clones which allow the victims to survive the cloning process. The alterations are done during sleep times, and the consciousnesses are displaced.

Virtual Science is extremely complex. I plan to release more excerpts on the subject incrementally on flyingbuffaloes7.net so that more people will have access to it, and, hopefully, this will help people to mitigate traps they find themselves in before it is too late.

© 2010 Amitakh Stanford

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