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woensdag 24 november 2010

Jim Corr asking that the Irish people unite, as our forefathers did, and take to the streets at 11am Saturday 27th from Wood Quay Dublin, to voice our anger and concern over the actions of our politicians and what is happening to Ireland.

Its no longer a conspiracy theory people.Time to wake up & fast.We can stop this if we stand up & be counted.

Jim Corr on Irish radio show The Last Word with Matt Cooper, on Today FM, talking about The Lisbon Treaty & The New World Order. On the 29th of May 2008. The Documentary Jim mentions at the end is 911 Mysteries.

The protection of national sovereignty is crucial; not for patriotic, nationalistic OR xenophobic reasons but because this is where the battle lines have been drawn; between an elite intent on total control, and the masses of people who should have the right to govern their own lives.

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