There is no Substitute for Inner Silence

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dinsdag 16 november 2010

With the passing of time, tarra-ha-tikas who have worked tirelessly can take heart. Their efforts are beneficial, regardless of what is happening in the physical world. We should always remember that dedication without action is incomplete, as is action without dedication. These two aspects work in conjunction with one another. However, one must always remember that personal communion with one's Creator is an integral part of both action and dedication. Without putting aside a special time for communion with one's divine source, neither dedication nor action can be sustained.

When we ask for guidance from within and follow what we think is the right decision, we need to remember that even right decisions can lead to challenges, humiliation and disappointment. A right decision does not necessarily mean a rosy path. A right decision can sometimes be strewn with self-sacrifices, inconveniences and disarray. But, in the end, if it was a right decision, although the path may be hard, it is worth every struggle and expenditure of energy. Perseverance and unconditional love will carry one through every struggle, hurt and challenge.

The inner communion with the divine within is a very personal expression that each of us should diligently pursue and maintain, because there is no substitute for it. Tarra-ha-tikas who are too busy helping others can be neglecting their inner being. Dedication to the work and communion with the divine self – the Source – are two distinctly different things. Dedication without communion with one's divine self will eventually be like a river running dry. It becomes unattractive, loveless and even dreary. The river will flow endlessly if there is communion with one's inner self, yet it will assuredly dry up without it. The river will bring hope and life to those who strive to connect with their inner self.

Wild winds and savage storms cannot disturb inner tranquillity when one enters the Silence. When one merges with the Source, there is no need for words. It is all there.

In our present world, the water will flow and the scores will settle, but the quiet will not return. Tempers are fuelled by many things. As the year rolls over into another, unrest will surface more and more; the controlled wars will explode, and unplanned ones will erupt.

Division on all levels will occur, which will include the financial, political, physical and spiritual levels.

Patience, dedication, perseverance, and, above all, communion with one's inner self are the tools to see oneself through all that is coming. Hang on to your Will. It will give you the strength to prevail in true survival.

© 2010 Amitakh Stanford

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