Mysterious missile lights up the sky over the Pacific

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woensdag 10 november 2010

Pentagon Official: "This is Bizarre."

Here are back-to-back news broadcasts on the mystery missile fired off the coast of Los Angeles, yesterday evening, Monday November 8, 2010: MSNBC's national cable network and
Los Angeles' CBS affiliate, KCBS TV.

Both report that a large missile was fired 35 miles off the coast of Los Angeles at sunset, giving a breathtaking backlit view of a rocket and its massive contrail. MSNBC's Pentagon reporter, Jim Miklaszewski says he was told by an official there that "It cannot be something that was planned," and that they wouldn't be conducting tests in such a highly-populated area without informing the people first. MSNBC host, Chuck Todd replies to Jim, "It's 12 hours out, you'd think that every missile in US custody would be accounted for and yet -- nothing."

Los Angeles' KCBS field reporter, Marcella Lee says she'd spoken with several representatives of the US Air Force and Navy and that neither had a missile launched scheduled on Monday.

As the day progressed and the Pentagon continued to appear clueless as ever, John Pike from Globalsecurity.org claimed that it was clearly an airliner and the contrail was an
"optical illusion." However, the FAA reported detecting "nothing" on its scopes.

Lee was able to get into the home of former Deputy Secretary of Defense, Robert Ellsworth who said that his best guess wasthat it was an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile launched from a sub and that conceivably, with Obama currently visiting Asia, that this was done to demonstrate military muscle: "That we can do this."

Couldn't "we could do this," back in the '60s or '70s? And and if it were about "our" muscle, why would the missile be aimed *towards land?* Speaking of which, there are no reports of this thing landing anywhere...

Chat sites across the Internet were abuzz that this was either a Chinese or Russian ICBM "warning shot" and that the Pentagon knew exactly who fired the missile but feared causing a public panic if this were revealed. President Obama cut short his visit
to Indonesia...

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