UFOTV Presents...: What Is NASA Hiding? - Secret Space, UFOs and NASA

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donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Featuring extraordinary NASA digital video footage of authentic space-based UFOs and strange anomalies filmed during US Space Shuttle missions. See stunning evidence of UFOs in outer space, as well as unexplained anomalies in Earth orbit. Additionally, discover the details about NASA protocols designed to obscure observation and analysis of UFOs in space. Discover the shocking facts about UFO sightings in direct view of NASA Astronauts, obtained through a private independent study centered on monitoring and videotaping STRANGE activity seen from Space Shuttle cameras during orbital flights high above the Earth, and features the research of Jeff Challender.

In Loving Memory of Jeff Challender 3/23/53 -- 10/3/07 and his contribution to UFO Research, culminating in the production of this Film.

This story, and the trail of scientific discovery that followed may provide positive proof that there is an UNKNOWN Alien presence in our skies.

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