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dinsdag 26 oktober 2010


- UFO Sightings Worldwide - Disclosure is Imminent
- Take Charge of Your Health NOW
- SoulQuest Journeys - 2011: a Year of Intense Discovery
- Farewell to BBSRadio

UFO Sightings Worldwide

With all that has been transpiring in the last two weeks or so, even the most determined skeptics would have a hard time denying that some incredible movements are taking place in the day and night skies all over the planet. Apparently a retired NORAD officer, one Stanley A. Fulham, predicted that there would be a major surge in UFO activity over the world's major cities precisely on October 13th, 2010 and that is precisely when the event over Manhattan took place. How strange is this? Apparently Fulham, who once worked for one of the world government's most secretive organizations, suddenly started "channeling" a committee of higher beings who told him this would occur and occur it did. Dozens of UFOs appeared in plain sight over Manhattan on October 13th - beginning in midday and lasting until late afternoon. The craft were witnessed by hundreds of people, filmed and photographed as well.

Lest we forget that days earlier the Shanghai International Airport was closed for over four hours due to an event described as a UFO flying through the airspace there. Woah. Did that get your attention? What has been kept out of the major media who covered the New York event was that from 6:45 pm that day the FAA closed down air operations in the three New York airports for over 60 minutes! Verrrrry interesting. We now have airport closures due to UFO events. Erhem.

I found fascinating and SO EXCITING the fact that one of the pictures circulating, sent to me by one of my readers, showed five of these spheres forming a tetrahedral form in the sky, symbol of course of great importance in relevance to the Sirian teachings, the Platonic solids, and other sacred geometry formations.

Since the New York event, we continue to have similar displays over many cities: one of the most fascinating was the light over El Paso Texas, which is filmed breaking into three separate lights and then doing formations in the sky. And we still get the worn out Roswell explanation that these are merely weather balloon experiments. Please, let us not allow this insult to our intelligence!

The Sirian High Council have long ago (over twelve years now) predicted that we would have contact before 2012 and it looks like, once again, their eerily precise prophecies are playing out right on schedule! How exciting for us all to be part of the most incredible awakening humankind has (most likely) ever experienced.

A debate rages: are we being seduced by some kind of mechanized and deliberate secret government campaign? Or is this the real deal? My bet is on THE REAL DEAL. And no doubt, we are soon to know this first hand. Without question. Beyond all reasonable doubt. Are you ready? Soon the worn-out, control paradigm of Earth as the only planet of life will be replaced with the realization that we are members of a universe teaming with intelligent life, commerce and interplanetary exchange. Come in, galactic family, and let us begin! There is so much to catch up on...

See for yourselves:

- http://www.futuretheater.com/listen-to-past-shows/october-16-2010.html

- http://www.lanewsmonitor.com/news/UFO-New-York--China--Texas-And-Now-Sanford--Florida--Keep-Counting-1287498233/

- http://www.lanewsmonitor.com/news/UFO-New-York-and-UFO-China-Sightings-2010--Whats-Different-1287343510/

- http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/ufo-el-paso-video

Take Charge of Your Health NOW.

If you have been following my postings regarding the Codex Alimentarius and other updates regarding the all-out attack against our communities of alternative medicine, healing and wellness, you will know that the plan to keep us all medicated, sick and disempowered is well underway and gaining momentum. It is unbelievable what is happening now. Forced vaccinations, health-food stores being attacked by armed police and forced to closure - even the outrageous warnings that we will soon be outlawed from growing our own vegetables and herbs in our own gardens!

Jim Humble, who you know is the creator of the Miracle Mineral Supplement, is reporting that soon it will be unavailable! IF you have access, stock up while you can. MMS (he has had to change the name to Master Mineral Supplement since the word "Miracle" apparently is not allowed) seems to kill just about every parasite and virus that can attack the system.

We are being given the opportunity to truly test our understanding of mind over matter, aren't we? Let's choose wellness!
I just spoke to a 1,500 person audience in Toulouse France. Did you know that in France it is NOT ALLOWED for a public speaker to invite people to consider vegetarianism as an alternative life style? Their anti-cult law of 2002 disallows it. Apparently, now, we vegetarians are potential terrorists. Isn't that incredible?

Now is the time to stand tall in your power and make very important decisions about how you perceive your body's capacity to create wellness, no matter what is taken away from us and no matter what we are told we must do. This is a very real part of our passage into the new paradigm, where we relearn what it means to be closer to the earth and to take care of each other.

Get growing, get going! Get your neighbors involved so that you are each growing fruits and vegetables and create an exchange network for free distribution of biologically grown produce (I mean, change YOU CAN BELIEVE IN). Choose health over dependency and the easy way out. Get into nature every day - you can do it!! Now is the time to insure the changes that are needed for you and for your children.

Before allowing yourself to be talked into medicating just about EVERY pain, thought or so-called condition, take a long hard look at the alternatives. Here are some great sources for you to start with:

- http://www.themiraclemineralsupplement.com/

- http://www.healthyworldstore.com/

- http://www.educate-yourself.org/

SoulQuest Journeys

I have really stepped up my sacred journeys activities in the year 2011, as now is the time to take yourselves to the sacred sites of this planet. It is clear that we are in a rocky time of change and that plenty more is unfolding. The powers that be would like us to sit in our fear, within their constraints and our ever-tightening borders, bowing down to the bad news and forecasts of worsening times for us all.

I, for one, will not. I take myself to my dreams, celebrating the wonders of the ancients, the magnificence of the dolphins and the great whales...the magic of the crop circles and what they are stimulating in our hearts and souls.

The first program available for registration now is: Egypt, Feb 7-20, 2011. As the authorities in Egypt tighten our freedom to enter these sacred spaces, I believe before long we will no longer be able to know such wonder. Entrance into the Great Pyramid will be closed within a very few years. I imagine we will be so far along in our evolution that we will have all the information downloaded within us - but meanwhile....ah what an amazing experience!

Now is the time to explore the earth and to draw her codes into your DNA! I hope you will join us for this remarkable journey. Space is still available!
We are adding a THIRD whale watching and dolphin swim journey in the Azores Islands (Atlantis!) after your many requests. The new program dates are up on our website - registration will open soon.

Please check all programs at http://sirianrevelations.net/the-message/the-unfolding/sacred-journeys/

And remember: The journey of a thousand lifetimes begins with but a single experience....

Farewell to BBS Radio

After three years of bringing you Beyond the Matrix weekly on bbsradio, I have taken the heart-felt decision to leave the show. Life is pulling me in many directions and there is so much to do! I just cannot commit to the weekly schedule any longer. Thanks to Don Newman at BBS for his great support and vision. November 13th is my last show.

I hope our paths cross soon - in Egypt, England, Atlantis... I will be waiting for you
My love around you always

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