UFO s North London 17/10/10 Complete 3 segments

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dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

This is the full version of the UFO's over NW10 London 17/10/10. Watching a movie and I see a light in the sky. I didn't pay much attention but as it came close it was pretty intense to be a plane. To my surprise a second one was coming, that's when I lost it and I'm speaking to myself "this is not a plane". Second segment there is a formation, and just in the end while the camera is moving (went to call my flatmate) there are 3 more coming up fast which are the ones you see in the 3rd segment. Anyone have seen anything similar? I processed the video and made them a bit more bright so that you can see the background, it might help an expert to estimate altitude or speed. I would be very interested to hear any info about these UFO.

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