The Mystery of the workings of the universe

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maandag 20 september 2010

Vedic Cosmos scientifically reveals the mystery, origins and nature of the workings of the universe while explaining the passing of the seasons, eclipses, phases of the moon and the passing of day and night. Eminent scientists recognize the value of Vedic Cosmology, and confirm that a geocentric (or earth-centered) model of the universe is also capable of explaining the cosmic phenomenon with equal, if not better, accuracy.

Prominent Vedic scholars emphasize the importance of a 3D presentation using technology in a Vedic Planetarium. Magnificient temples of Angkor Wat and Borobudur incorporate astronomical and cosmological alignments into their architecture. A glimpse of the lost relationship between the Puranas and the Siddhantas shows that their foundational astronomical principles are the same. Vedic Cosmos takes you on a multi-dimensional journey through the unknown and subtle features of the entire universe and beyond. Produced by Danavir Goswami of ISKCON Rupanuga Vedic College.

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