Time by Michio Kaku

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donderdag 26 augustus 2010


1. DAYTIME Monday 30 July 2007 11pm-midnight Time seems to drive every moment. It's the most inescapable force we feel. But do we experience time from within our minds and bodies or from the outside?

Monday 6 August 2007 11pm-midnight The most powerful effect of time on our lives is the way it limits us. Our knowledge of death is so embedded in our lives and spirituality that, were immortality possible, would we lose the sense that makes us human?

Monday 13 August 2007 11pm-midnight TBC We hold a unique knowledge of time, realising that it stretches deep into the past, and will continue into the future. How does this affect our sense of who we are?

Cosmic Time
Monday 20 August 2007 11pm-midnight TBC We've always structured our lives based on an unchanging past and a predictable and ordered future. But atomic and cosmic discoveries have changed all that. What is time itself? And will it ever end?

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