The Story of the Millennium: The A.G.I. Manhattan Project

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maandag 16 augustus 2010

What does this man mean by becoming "gods", and has his war already begun?

What is AGI, and how large is the effort to make it happen? Will humans as we know ourselves today remain the dominant species on the planet in the near future? Why did the economic meltdown occur? Can we look forward to a future of economic prosperity? What do we have to fear, and what don't we? What does the War on Terror have in common with Global Warming? What will government look like in the near future? Are we becoming slaves, and how can we be empowered like never before? What is the true struggle of the 21st Century? What are the dangers of emerging technology?

These are just some of the realities and implications you're about to discover, and the AGI Manhattan Project is the key to it all.

First we must establish the what the AGI Manhattan Project is, and what is is about.

Radical life extension and cognitive augmentation are the overarching goals of the technological establishment. These types of advances are each aspects of the growing movement known as "Transhumanism", where the goals is to modify humans using various technologies to transform into a dominant new species of "posthumans". They literally believe they'll be able to live for hundreds upon hundreds of years, and have superior cognitive and physical abilities by utilizing various emerging technologies such as biotechnology and nanotechnology.  

The first and foremost "holy grail" in this overall effort is Strong AI, aka Artificial General Intelligence. The world is full of AI: from video games to the stock market. But these AI's are "narrow" in ability. AGI refers to a "general" intelligence. Generally intelligent, not narrowly. Human level and beyond intelligence would greatly accelerate their other technological goals kicking off what they call the "Technological Singularity".

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