Love In An Alien Purgatory

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donderdag 10 juni 2010

By Farah Yurdozu

A Shocking Story, Bravely Told

Love between humans and Extra Terrestrial visitors is not a rare concept in close encounter and alien abduction cases. UFO literature offers us a very rich variety of similar cases. My new work, Love in an Alien Purgatory: The Life and Fantastic Art of David Huggins, is the pictorial book about such a love story featuring paintings by David Huggins, the abductee.

I met David Huggins in a UFO group meeting in New York City around 2002. During that meeting I found out that he has been visited by some interdimensional beings since he was 8 years old.

Different types of Extra Terrestrials became a very important part of David’s life in all these years up today. His childhood, his early younger years and even his adult life were controlled and shaped by them. While he was looking for answers to these strange encounters, David decided to paint every experience that he was having as an abductee. In the process of creating this very unusual art collection, David started to live a double life.

The book cover.

During the day he was a “normal” man, an intellectual artist in New York City.  But in the night he was falling in love with an Extra Terrestrial hybrid woman and having sex with her. He became the father of almost sixty hybrid children. David was chosen and used in a genetic experiment just like many other female and male abductees all over the world. This is the remarkable story that he brings to life with the paintings in Love in an Alien Purgatory.

David’s contact story starts in a farm where he was living with his family in Georgia in 1951. The first contacts were in the daytime and outdoors, where 8 year old David used to play as a normal and healthy boy.

During the early contacts, David was neither sleeping nor experiencing a sleep paralysis. He remembers very well the little hairy being with large glowing eyes who came out of the woods. David named him “Little Hairy Guy”.  On another visit he had an encounter with a large praying mantis type being which would become a regular companion to David in the UFO encounters for many years. What any other children could see only in science-fiction movies or in fantasy books became a daily part of David’s life.

Soon, the beings started to come in the night time as well. And he was taken to a UFO to meet with the hybrid woman, Crescent. Crescent was a teacher and a guide to David at the beginning. But over the years she became his woman, his lover and the mother of his many hybrid children.

Getting ready to remember.

Getting ready to remember.

David had his close encounters with Extra Terrestrial visitors in different places. After he moved to New York City, his visitors came into his apartment through an opening in his bedroom wall. It was an interdimensional gate, maybe a stargate that was opening to a completely alien world. When they entered, David says it was as if time stopped. Were these beings controlling time in order to enter in our physical dimension? Were they time travelers? (Also, while David was getting older, the hybrid woman Crescent never changed in their 50 years of friendship.)

Love in an Alien Purgatory is a very brave book where both David Huggins and I share some very intimate details experienced between the interdimensional lovers. David tells the story without censorship in his paintings. And I bring my own interpretation from the view of a UFO investigator based on my own studies.

My investigations show that the concept of having sex with interdimensional beings existed long before the UFO and Flying Saucer age started. The very early Sumerian gods and goddesses were visiting humans with the same purpose. According to the legends, gods were not able to have children. But in order to continue their race, they started to use human females and males. They needed a new hybrid race that has both human and Extra Terrestrial characteristics. How successful were they, we don’t know?

Being touched by Extra Terrestrials or Interdimensional Beings, Jinns, Angels or Demons is never an easy experience in human life. The side effects vary with each individual. While some contactees and abductees are very happy to have this bond, others suffer deeply and suffer for generations. Many of the times abductees and contactees, and even the abduction and close encounter investigators, may face serious problems in their private life, marriage and relationships with their life partners. And in many cases ET contact goes from one generation to another as if the abductee’s DNA is coded or stigmatized by the visitors. When human DNA or human soul is stigmatized, a person can face and deal with a very unhappy karma shaped in the hands of the abductors.

Alien Abductions Today

Today we still don’t know the real purpose of ET abductions. According to abductees and contactees Extra Terrestrial beings avoid to give detailed explanation and information on the process. Based on the limited testimonials it seems that many of the abductions are serving a scientific-genetic related goal such as creating a new hybrid generation using both human and alien parents. Just like it happened in David’s case, thousands of abductees were shown their hybrid babies in the UFOs.

Ancient history and mythology from Sumer to Mesopotamia, to my native country Turkey and to America show that a group of powerful and superior beings from the sky and from the underground always visited this planet for thousands of years.

There is nothing that we can do for the ancient cases, but we need to pay more attention to modern alien abduction and contact reports as these incidents are effecting human society both in emotional and physical ways. Although we hear more cases from The United States, alien abductions are happening almost in every country of the world.

Millions of individuals are describing being visited by Grays, Reptilians, Praying Mantis type beings or Hybrids. Many of these witnesses never paid attention to UFO sightings, science fiction or fantasy movies prior to their own experiences. They may be from every age or gender,  from all different kinds of professional backgrounds.

On the first glance they have nothing to do with each other. But they share a very solid link between each other; almost all of them are inserted microchip implants. Implants for what? General tendency says that implants are used in order to monitor abductees’ physical and emotional conditions. Some of the implants were removed by surgeons who work in alien abduction field in United States.  But the number of abduction researchers are very little all over the world comparing the vast number of abductees.

Medical doctor, surgeon, hypnotherapist, or psychiatrist abduction researchers have been trying to solve the puzzle with their own resources without getting any support from anywhere. Medical research also shows that abduction causes some physical changes in the organism of the abductee. These are the basic physical aspects of the alien abduction. But what about the psychological effects?

Not everybody’s response is same, not every abduction case or every Extra Terrestrial being is same. Some of the abductees come out from the experience with a very positive feeling. They don’t feel any fear and they believe that they are guided by positive beings. But for some of them the abduction is a very painful process overall.

After the abduction they develop fears, phobias, depression and obviously all these problems reflect their professional and private life. It seems that we are dealing with two very different sides of the coin. Yes alien abduction can offer both paradise or hell. David Huggins also had the similar type of unhappy incidents in his life. He didn’t have a paradise of alien contact, he wasn’t sent to the hell, but he was kept in a purgatory of aliens during all these years.

The alien purgatory still exists in his life, and the aliens will never fully leave him. Just like his love and passion for them. But isn’t that what love often is: a purgatory between two worlds, a place of desire, hope and fear?

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