Israel preparing for prolonged ME war

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woensdag 9 juni 2010

Israel seems to be preparing for a prolonged war in the Middle East, demanding the United States for more military equipment and a boost of US-held arsenals in Israel.

The requests were brought up during recent visits to Washington by high-ranking Israeli defense officials, and in conversations with senior administration and Congress officials, Haaretz revealed in an article published on its website on Tuesday.

Among the requested weapons are US bombs and precision guidance kits, such as Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) that add GPS/INS guidance to bombs.

The JDAM kits have been increasingly used by the Israeli air force in recent offensives, including in the 2006 war against Lebanon and the 2008 Gaza war.

The priority list is said to indicate that Israel is preparing for the prospects of a long war, which would necessitate an extensive use of the air force to attack a large number of targets, along with ensuring enough spare parts and supplies.

Israel is also seeking to increase the amount of gear held by the American army in their emergency stores in Israel by 50 percent — that is from $800 million to $1.2 billion.

US President Barack Obama's administration provided Israel with the stockpile in December in line with Washington's efforts to step up its military assistance to Israel.

To date, $600 million worth of US-made rockets, bombs, aircraft ammunition and armored vehicles, along with other weapons has been placed in Israel as American emergency equipment.

The gear fully matches the equipment already used by the Israeli army and is cataloged upon arrival to ensure quick and easy access at a time of need.

The move seems to favor the US by bringing military equipment closer to areas where it might need to fight, while assisting Washington's closest Mideast ally in case of a possible war.

The US arsenals in Israel are of great significance for Tel Aviv, which sees the arsenal as a guarantee that, in the event of an extensive conflict, the needed ammunition and spare parts will be available in no time.

The move comes amid repeated warnings from the Palestinians, Lebanon, Syria and Iran, saying Israel is after waging a new war in the Middle East region.

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