Spiral Ufo Object seen in Australia 5th June (update video)

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dinsdag 8 juni 2010

This is breaking Ufo news in Australia. RealUfos would like to hear ASAP from fellow aussies who may have witnessed or have further photos of the amazing spiral object seen over Australia on the 5th of June, please reply to this post as we would like to know more.

This is not the first time of a mass witnessing of a spiral object seen in the sky, with a strikingly similar major spiral sighting ocurring back in Norway december 2009 - some in the Ufo community are questioning the possibility that the spirals are some form of preparation for first contact.

The story doesn't stop here... most disturbingly Colin Andrews has been reporting over the last few weeks repeated anomolous radar rings over eastern Australia , at first i discounted these reports as weird but now taking into consideration the sightings of the spiral there may be some connection .. surely this is no co-incidence? ... Either way, there is something going on here that we aren't being told yet... what is causing the spirals? HAARP , missile testings or Ets? :

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