UFO How-To Build UFO antigravity electrogravitic saucer

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donderdag 27 mei 2010

Can "Unidentified" Flying Objects be man made?  Yes, they can be.

There are six main propulsion types of UFO craft:

1)      Air powered:  Some of the oldest patents are air foil discs and giant blowers.

2)      Electrogravitic: Large voltages of electricity pulsed into the proper receiver materials cause movement on a scale previously unimagined.

3)      Plasma Propulsion:  Think of thrusters that blast off by lightning.  

4)      Magnetohydrodynamic craft:  These are the ‘glowing balls of light’ people see.  Ionization of atmospheric gases cause the craft to be enveloped by plasma.

5)      Fusion propulsion:  A catch all category for fusion, fission, and antimatter drives.

6)      Inertial craft:  Craft flying by generated internal momentum, gyroscopic activity, centrifugal and/or centripetal force... No propellers, wings, or thrusters.

How did I discover all this evidence?

I found it at the patent office.

117 years of records of such flying craft.

The free E-book explains in greater detail, and introduces the more important inventors you should know about to understand UFO's and their propulsion systems.

More info / Meer info: ufohowto.com


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