Prophecies for 2010

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maandag 19 april 2010

Nu zijn we hier bij star-people niet zo van de voorspellingen en beweringen maar toch wel leuk om te lezen vindt ik persoonlijk. Laat je er echter niet door drijven.

Hier vindt je de spellingen voor 2011 en 2012.




Prophecy 2010-1 :

Swine Flu / Mexican Flu is in danger of mutation (mutating) and could become a deadly virus in 2010. The Fourth Horseman is Death.

Prophecy 2010-2 :

"Secrets revealed” start to pour out of political offices in USA.

Prophecy 2010
-3 :

Global Military Tensions in 2010 - 2011.
Baba Vanga predicted the start of world war III in November 2010, this war would end in October 2014. Read the prophecies of Baba Vanga online !

Prophecy 2010-4 :

The End of the comfortable high tech and high consumption
lifestyle and an involuntary return to lifestyle of previous generations.

Prophecy 2010-5 :

Israel will attack Iran in the year 2010 if "the forces" allow this, if this happens it could be a possible trigger for World War III as China and (Russia) could take the side of Iran/Muslim World. This event may be the start of Armageddon / "End-Time".

Prophecy 2010-6 :

Unemployment rate continues to accelerate upward worldwide !

Prophecy 2010-7 :

Possible economic collapse of USA due to additive impacts of the socioeconomic contract breakdown and Foreign Military Operations.

Prophecy 2010-8 :

"Whistle-blowers" are expected to revail "Big Secrets".

Prophecy 2010-9 :

Leaders will be assasinated, Barack Obama could be one of them.

Prophecy 2010-10 :

The King James Bible Code may predict the Big One magnitude 8 earthquake could occur in California on the San Andreas Fault in 2010 or 2011.

Prophecy 2010-11 :

International heavy pressure on the US dollar.

Prophecy 2010-12 :

Government budgets collapse.

Prophecy 2010-13 :

Astrology chart shows a planetary cluster at Pisces the Fish, the Fish being a Christian symbol. Does this relate to the Return of Christ at the Battle of Armageddon in 2010/2011 perhaps because of the war in Israel and Iran other nations could be involved. (See Prophecy 2010-5)

Prophecy 2010-14 :

After a brief period of stability, the markets will resume their declines.

Prophecy 2010-15 :

Global tensions due to falling markets, foodprices and Hunger.

Prophecy 2010-16 :

Coastal Event / Disaster in 2010 - 2011.

Prophecy 2010-17 :

In the evening sky of Aug. 6, 2010 a close grouping of Saturn, Venus, and Mars. The 1987 Southern Hemisphere supernova will then be getting brighter and more visible to the unaided eye, from a collision of gases in space; it is a sign that hope for the world will come from the Southern Hemisphere. A world leader will come from the Southern Hemisphere to rebuild the world, during 2011-14. Some will believe he is a Messiah or returned Christ. He will work all kinds of miracles, and he will be a force for good in the world. Maybe the New Jerusalem will be located in New York City. The seven World Trade Center buildings could be the seven golden candlesticks in Revelation 1. This may mean that the seven World Trade Center buildings in New York City will be rebuilt there, and serve as a Cathedral for this new Messiah. This chart shows a Grand Cross and a diamond shape in the Astrology chart for August 6 2010, possibly indicating a nuclear war.

Prophecy 2010-18 :

Possible Large Terrorist attack in 2010/2011 could hits several cities including New York City, LA and Washington DC.

Prophecy 2010-19 :

Worldwide heavy floodings will occur as never seen before.

Prophecy 2010-20 :

Food scarcity and because of this riots will occur.

Prophecy 2010-21 :

Mayor volcanic eruption will occur 2010/2011.

Prophecy 2010-22 :

Like predicted in 2008 and 2009, more notable people will die.

Prophecy 2010-23:

The next and last pope will be Cardinal Francis Arinze, he will take the name of Pius XIII after the death of Pope Benedict XVI in 2010 - 2011 or 2012 --- Update --- Change of prophecy : Pope Benedict XVI is the last pope, the pope that will have to "flee" in the Nostradamus prophecies, more information soon.

Other Readings :

Sept. 9, 2010/2011 : The Jewish New Year's Day Rosh Ha Shanh, when according to Bible Prophecy the Battle of Armageddon may occur.

Sept. 16, 2010. A 6-6-6 degree Astrology pattern, with 3 planets at 6 degrees: Saturn/Satan at 6 degrees Libra, Venus at 6 degrees Scorpio, and Mercury at 6 degrees Virgo. Could this indicate Armageddon then?

Nov. 4, 2010. The last 3 1/2 year period of great disasters ends, as described in the Book of Revelation. Could this be Armageddon in August-November 2010? Will Christ return to defeat the Antichrist armies and terrorists?

Edgar Cayce predicts tribulations will start after vulcanic eruption in Iceland and heavy earthquakes in South America. After vulcanic eruptions in Iceland watch more and more earthquakes and vulcanic eruptions, one of the places the next vulcanic activity will happen : Italy and Greece.

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