We are watching you too big brothers - Conspiracy Goes Mainstream

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zaterdag 10 april 2010

Volgende dinsdag zendt de BBC een exclusieve documentaire uit op Panorama, waarin de geheime beelden worden getoond van een journalist die erin slaagde om met een verborgen camera de Nieuwe Wereld Orde van dichtbij te filmen. Ziehier een exclusief voorsmaakje.

Conspiracy Theory - It is not just for "Nuts" anymore. It is like watching an Alex Jones video on mainstream TV. Good stuff in this documentary and surprisingly, CNBC is very fair to both sides of the argument.

This CNBC documentary covers it all. RFID, Verichip, Surveillance Cameras, Biometrics, Google / Government Data Collection and Mining, Car Data Black Boxes, Facial Recognition, ID Theft, Cell Phone, Laser Printing, CDROM, and Digital Camera Tracking.

I am actually quite impressed with this mainstream media outlet's detail and coverage. However, what this let's me know is that the fascist power mongers have the control grid infrastructure in place for Big Brother to begin its rule. And, that those in control feel confident in the scheme and no longer worry if the public knows. Maybe they're right - It is up to us to show them they are so wrong.

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