Wormholes, the quantum reality!

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donderdag 21 januari 2010

All over the world, UFOs have been seen by people as far back in human history as you care to research. Now, for the past few years more & more people are filming, & taking photos of something new. What can only be described as wormholes opening in the sky, sometimes with UFO ships flying into, or out of them. The newest sightings took place on 12/09/09 in Norway around 8:00AM in the morning. It was seen by thousands of witness's, filmed, & photos taken.

Sadly the news has once again denied such claims as Alien in origin, unknown Earth anomaly, or paranormal in nature. Instead they state it was a failed test of a Russian missile, which even the untrained eye can clearly see it is far from being accurate. The choice is yours on the Dec. event in Noway, but the evidence is presented for the possibility of visitors not from this world arriving via wormhole technologies far beyond human ability. One thing is for sure, once again the world governments are hiding something of vast important from the public. The truth is out there however, keep an open mind, & keep looking up. Good journey!

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