The Hollow Earth, Hollow Mars, UFOs and Military Secrecy

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dinsdag 16 december 2008
By Bill Knell
People have believed in the possibility of a Hollow Earth for well over a century. Now, some say there also may be a Hollow Mars. The Hollow Earth stories began with a theory proposed by Edmund Halley in 1692. The theory was pseudo-scientific and made the claim that the Earth is a hollow shell some 500 miles thick with two concentric shells and an innermost core with an inner sun. He said that atmospheres separated these shells, that each shell had its own magnetic poles and all rotated at different speeds.

Halley used his theory to explain unusual compass readings at various places around the world and also hoped it would provide a reason for the northern and southern lights at the Earth’s polar regions. I also imagine that he took into consideration the already well-known and very ancient stories of people living under the earth as mentioned in the Bible, as well as Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Scandinavian and European legends. These legends were expanded as the centuries passed to include stories of entrances to the underworld culled from the beliefs of African, Asian, Native American and South American civilizations.

By the mid-1800s explorers, treasure and fossil hunters returned from the four corners of the globe with more inner world tales they heard from cultures separated by continents. These tales involved the existence of an underworld or inner world populated with powerful beings that possessed impressive technology or magic. These new stories built on the older legends and theories during a time when conventional beliefs were being questioned and many new theories and ideas found a home in the minds and literature of that era.

As various clubs and groups met to consider all the hollow earth legends, they came to the conclusion that there are three distinct plains of physical existence on our planet. The Outer Surface, or surface of the earth, is a place where civilizations are born. After they grow weary of dealing with the constantly changing surface conditions, societies advanced enough to do so move underground to the Middle Earth. It’s a place of tunnels and caverns that links the Outer Surface to the more serene and affable climate of the Inner World.

The Inner World is the home of the hollow earth dwellers. With less gravity, a perfect and clean environment, and a miniature sun that allegedly shines constantly, beings that exist in this realm are said to live extremely long lives and be far more evolved and technologically advanced than the surface dwellers. Believers in this theory point to the northern and southern lights at the poles as proof that entrances to the inner world exist there. They believe the lights are caused by the existence of the hollow earth sun.

Alleged proof of the polar entrances to the Inner World has arrived during recent decades in the form of satellite photos and photographs taken by Astronauts during various NASA missions. These appear to show areas that look like holes or circular places where clouds are being sucked inside the earth. Many believe that these photos prove that the atmosphere surrounding our outer sphere also feeds the inner earth atmosphere that serves the various levels that exist inside our planet.

While scientists scoff at the talk of a hollow earth and all of the evidence presented to support that theory, believers point to an incident involving U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Richard Byrd. In 1947 he undertook an historic exploration of the North Pole by air. During that time he flow beyond the pole and allegedly traveled further than maps indicated he should have been able to. Those that monitored his radio transmissions say he noted a warming of the air and described seeing areas not covered by ice.

During Byrd’s flight, he supposedly described seeing semi-tropical environments and even extinct animals (like woolly mammoths) that roamed the landscape below him. Hollow Earth proponents say he did not fly beyond the North Pole, but into the inner world. Byrd made a similar flight over the South Pole which allegedly produced the same results. But on subsequent flights over that pole, he had some company. Those later flights were part of a military and scientific expedition known as Operation High Jump that began in August of 1946 and may have had some unusual goals. One might have been a hunt for UFOs.

Several former members of the military say that the real purpose of at least one aspect of the multi-faceted mission to the South Pole was to search for evidence of UFOs and Alien Bases in that region. Similar military missions were later conducted in the northern polar region, but on a much reduced scale. If Byrd’s flights and the search for UFOs and Aliens at the poles were unusual, the face the military tried to put on the whole South Pole adventure was downright strange and involved many unanswered questions.

In 1948 the U.S. Government released a film produced with the cooperation of the Navy and Army Air Force called The Secret land. The film won an Academy Award back in its day and has been shown on cable channels during recent years, especially on TNT. To most people, it’s just a propaganda piece designed to justify the personnel, military resources and expenses involved with the 1946 south pole military expedition. However, anyone with knowledge of the hollow earth theory or UFO phenomenon will find a treasure trove of unsolved mysteries and curious coincidences surround the film and the expedition.

The Secret land is a documentary narrated by several famous actors who were still serving in the military as a result of their military service in World War Two when it was produced. These included Robert Montgomery, Robert Taylor, Van Heflin and Jimmy Stewart. Interestingly enough, it’s introduced by James Forrestal, the first U.S. Secretary of Defense (a cabinet position that replaced the old Secretary of War title) and former Secretary of the Navy during World War Two.

Less than a year after the film was released, Forrestal was dead. While he showed absolutely no signs of any type of an abnormal psychological condition when he appeared in the film, Forrestal committed suicide by supposedly throwing himself out of a barred window on the 16th floor of the Bethesda Naval Hospital on May 22, 1949. He was allegedly admitted to the facility suffering from an undiagnosed mental condition. The cause of that condition is the subject of great debate in the UFO research community.

Some believe that the fact of Alien visitations to our earth may have caused the mental condition that eventually led to Secretary Forrestal’s suicide, if his death was a suicide at all. One theory suggests that when James Forrestal was told about the discovery that Aliens from another planet exist and were visiting ours, it was just too much for him. Known to be a religious man with traditional beliefs, he may not have been able to fit the existence of space aliens into his faith.

According to the late conspiracy theorist Bill Cooper, James Forrestal may have been one of the first victims of what General Douglas MacArthur once described as ‘an interplanetary war’ during a speech at West Point Military Academy. Cooper often said that the Secretary of State was probably murdered by government operatives while at Bethesda. After allegedly viewing the bodies of dead and living aliens from one or more UFO crashes that may have occurred before, during or just after World War Two, Forrestal’s death may have been ordered after the powers that be decided that his sudden and inexplicable mental illness made him too much of a security risk to go on living.

Others believe that Forrestal’s Mind may have been compromised by Aliens using some sort of unknown process which either made him a security risk that needed to be eliminated or caused him to take his own life because he couldn’t deal with what was happening to him. Either way, he was gone and several fascinating mysteries remain. Apart from the UFO phenomenon itself, what really happened during the great Antarctic military expedition of 1947?

Many wonder why such an expedition was ever undertaken at a time when the U.S. was involved in so many unstable political areas and situations after World War II. Operation High Jump officially committed thirteen ships, one submarine, twenty-three aircraft and nearly five thousand military personnel to the 1946 endeavor. Those are the official numbers, but watching The Secret Land indicates that more planes and ships were there than reported.

The primary motivation behind Operation High Jump was supposed to be to find out if permanent or seasonal military bases could be established in the Antarctic and Artic regions. The idea was to scout the Antarctic first to avoid raising Russian suspicions about U.S. Military goals in the northern polar region. It was assumed that both areas were similar enough to be able to draw likewise conclusions from the Antarctic mission. However, there are problems with this explanation for the 1946 military expedition.

Despite plans to establish a U.S. Military presence on the Ross Ice Shelf which were considered as early as the 1930s, Admiral Byrd’s 1939-1941 expedition and the maintaining of his Little America III facility in that area proved that it would be difficult or nearly impossible to maintain a large force of troops at such a facility. It would also be a logistical nightmare to try and supply such a base and the personnel that manned it.

With military bases and monitoring facilities located in Alaska, Canadian facilities along the green line in Canada, and the ability to more easily supply those facilities by air or use of the Alaskan Highway built during World War II, it would seem ludicrous to stretch resources any further north to meet the Soviet threat. That was especially true since the Russians had even less of an ability to establish artic circle military facilities than we did.

The presence of bases in the southern polar region made even less sense than any attempts to establish military facilities deep in the heart of the northern polar region. With strong Allies like Australia in that part of the world, trying to establish bases at the South Pole was just a ridiculous idea. The stated goals of the expedition made little sense in the light of actual fact. These goals included mapping the area for potential base locations, establishing American sovereignty in Antarctica, training military personnel for service in extreme weather conditions and expanding current scientific knowledge about the area.

Previous international agreements had already established various areas of Antarctica for the exclusive, scientific and limited-military use of various nations including the United States. The idea that this kind of military invasion of Antarctica was going to gain any additional ground for the USA was ridiculous. In fact, it could have inflamed tensions between the Soviets and Americans, cost us land already claimed for limited-military use under various agreements and angered other nations that already had established claims in that region. Just the idea of establishing new bases could have easily nullified any previous treaties and agreements.

When it comes to mapping areas or collecting scientific information in frigid conditions, less is always more. That’s a lesson that Admiral Byrd and other polar explorers learned the hard way over the years. The last thing any military commander would do is send in so much hardware and so many troops for such a purpose when the job could easily be done by a few highly trained people with the right aircrafts and equipment. And yet people like Secretary Forrestal and Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz signed off on this adventure.

No one knew more about military logistics than Nimitz. It would be difficult to understand why he would allow so many military resources to be committed to an adventure that had such little hope of actually gaining any advantage for our nation or armed forces. As far as troop training in extreme weather condition goes, the USA had already had well established and supplied facilities in Alaska for that purpose. Why put lives at risk in an area known for its unstable weather and unpredictable land conditions.

Another strange fact about Operation High Jump is that a number of aircraft and (possibly) some military personnel may have vanished during the mission. Taking into account aircraft that were left behind because they crashed or could not be removed from the region due to weather, there still have be over twenty aircraft missing that were never officially a part of the mission: this according to a number of former high-ranking officers that were involved in the mission who say that it had more to do with UFOs than anything else. It’s believed that the missing planes were either brought down by bad weather after chasing UFOs or attacked by them.

Some UFO researchers believe that UFOs come and go from inside the earth through openings at the earth’s poles. These openings have allegedly been photographed by satellites and manned spacecraft during various NASA missions. Others say that the Germans built UFOs before, during and after World War II based on their designs or actual alien crafts that were captured, and kept them at polar bases. Whether any of this is true or not, I suspect that the U.S. Military took note of the fact that many UFOs were tracked heading in a northern or southern direction when they first appeared or later disappeared from sight or radar. It would have been prudent for them to investigate where they were coming from or going to.

Many of the same former military officers that make claims about Operation High Jump and other polar missions being a UFO hunt also say that these hunts may have been partially successful. They claim that several alien crafts were recovered and many photos of UFOs were taken. I know of claims that former crew members of the USS Alabama have made to me about a disc-shaped craft that was recovered on the far north island of Spitzbergen around the same time.

According to the story, U.S. General James H. Doolittle (famous for the first air attack on Tokyo at the beginning of World War Two) was on a worldwide good will tour in 1946 when he made a stop at Spitzbergen in August to view the remains of a saucer-shaped UFO that crashed into a lake there at some point before, during or just after World War II. He allegedly oversaw the recovery of the craft and its transport to America on the deck of the USS Alabama.

Several former crew members of the USS Alabama from those days told me they recalled transporting a saucer-shaped object from Spitzbergen to the USA. They said that the object was placed on board by order of General Doolittle, covered with a huge tarpaulin and guarded twenty-four hours a day during its voyage to America. Because the object was loaded on to the ship at night, none of the witnesses really got a good look at it. All said it appeared to be a dull silver color on the bottom and a lighter silver color on the top. They also agreed that it looked like no known aircraft or military vehicle they had ever seen before.

It is interesting to note that on April 10, 1985, U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Senator Barry Goldwater awarded Reserve Air Force General James H. Doolittle a fourth star making him the first person in the Air Force Reserve to wear four stars. Regan noted Doolittle’s outstanding service to his nation during the ceremony. He also awarded the General a special Presidential Citation and inexplicably chose his 1946 Worldwide Goodwill Tour as the reason for that citation, despite all of his other more impressive accomplishments.

Another strange coincidence is that Senator Goldwater, himself a Reserve Air Force General at that time, was once refused entrance to a special facility known as the ’blue room’ at Wright-Patterson air Force Base where he felt UFOs were being stored or studied. The refusal came during the 1960s when General Curtis LeMay was the Chief of the United States Air Force. Goldwater, a good friend of LeMay, asked if he could visit the blue room. LeMay cursed at him and said that even he (LeMay) couldn’t go in there and that Goldwater should never ask again. He didn’t as far as I know. Goldwater later said that he made several attempts to get more information about government involvement with the UFO phenomenon, but was never able to learn anything more than what the public has been told.

The Hollow Earth Theory hit its peak in the 20th Century with the publication of a book called The Hollow Earth by Raymond Bernard in 1964. More of a booklet that was heavy on bad photos and light on actual information, the publication was mostly a report on previous books and legends that supported the Hollow Earth theory. What caused it to really take off was the fact that the book made a strong connection between the Hollow Earth theory and UFOs, a very hot topic at that time. The book repeated many recently developed theories about extraterrestrial visitors coming and going from our outer world by way of the inner earth. It also rehashed a story that Germany may have built UFOs and kept them at the poles. (I’ll expand on this later).

The Hollow Earth book may have actually been written by Ray Palmer, a paranormal author, journalist and publisher with a strong interest in the UFO phenomenon. Most people now believe this is the case since no one ever actually heard of ’Dr Raymond Bernard’ before that book or was ever able to trace him down afterward. Despite its shortcomings and the questionable identity of its author, the Bernard book revived interest in the Hollow Earth debate and ignited more than a few animated discussions among Ufologists and Forteans about hollow earth theories. Some of those theories also involved other hollow worlds in our solar system.

Theories about hollow planets are not new, but the scientific and photographic evidence to support them is. Mars is the most recent example and theories involving Martians living inside a hollow sphere may have had a most surprising beginning. Astronomy guru Carl Sagan, long known as a skeptic when it came to extraterrestrials inhabiting our solar system or visiting the Earth, once believed that Phobos, one of the Martian Moons, may actually have been an artificial satellite built by the former or current inhabitants of Mars.

Sagan coauthored a book entitled ‘Life In The Universe’ with Soviet Astrophysicist Iosef Shklovskii in 1959. Sagan made this statement in the book:

“Since Mars does not have a large natural satellite such as our moon, the construction of large, artificial satellites would be of relatively greater importance to an advanced Martian civilization in its expansion into space... The launching of massive satellites from Mars would be a somewhat easier task than from Earth, because of the lower Martian gravity.”

The idea of a hollow and possibly artificial Martian Moon lead to further speculation that the population of Mars may have moved underground and learned how to create an environment in a preexisting inner world to replace their home on the surface which might have become unable to support Martian Life forms due to environmental changes. Recent evidence of water just under the surface, obvious flooding that once occurred on the planet, deep cave entrances, aurorae lights seen all over the surface, and what appear to be fossils and the remains of artificial structures on Mars have fueled the belief that Mars may be a hollow planet.

Saturn, Jupiter and Venus have also been in the crosshairs of those that believe most or all of the planets in our solar system are hollow spheres. They point to the aurorae lights on Saturn and Jupiter, as well as Russian interest in Venus, a planet often portrayed as little more than a big ball of gas and acid with a surface that could be best described as a vast and toxic desert. Despite the fact that Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun, it is classified as a Terrestrial Planet and is similar in size, gravity, and bulk composition to the Earth.

A Russian Lander took photos of the surface of Venus in 1975 which show a landscape not too different from the surface of Mars. Despite an environment that is inhospitable to humans, Venus holds secrets which appear to be of great interest to the Russians and others. They landed over ten unmanned spacecrafts on the surface and one of their rockets recently carried a European Space Agency probe there as well. Given what we have been officially told about Venus, it would hardly seem worth the expense and effort unless something or someone was found there that could provide some scientific, technological or political benefit.

Some hollow planet believers say that Venus has become a planet used by extraterrestrials for mining purposes. What is being mined and who is doing the mining remains a mystery. However, it is interesting to note that Russia has made political claims on Venus for years and proclaimed that the mining rights to the planet belong to them. Even stranger is the fact that thousands of KGB files that contained information about Venus were either purposely destroyed or moved just before the Soviet Union officially ended its existence.

Conspiracy buffs say that Russia has never actually stopped sending probes to Venus. Several recent articles in Russian Newspapers claim that Russia has developed a probe with the ability to land and dig deep into the soil of that planet. The same sources quoted in those stories say that the Russians have already developed plans for an automated mining system they hope to use on the Moon and on Venus. Interestingly enough, the European Space Agency and the USA have also been busy developing probes and automated mining systems, although theirs are geared more for use on the Moon and Mars.

It’s been recently reported that NASA has cancelled a number of future Mars Rover projects in favor of more adventurous missions that include the penetration of the surface and the exploration of Martian Caves. Although few people paid attention to them, a number of Remote Viewers have long claimed that they sense life forms of some type living in underground areas of Mars. Survivors of The Montauk Project have also said trained psychics and remote viewers that used Montauk and Philadelphia Experiment technology to enter those areas discovered intelligent life forms living inside Mars.

Besides our own Earth, Mars remains the planet most likely to capture the interest of hollow planet believers. Apart from the paranormal evidence that‘s available, entrances to areas deep under the Martian surface have recently been discovered and even photographed by probes visiting Mars. Thee probes also indicate that much of what scientists have told us about the angry red planet over the years has been incorrect or understated.

Theories regarding a very thin Martian atmosphere, lack of water and an environment not friendly to the development of life have proven to be short sighted when compared to the evidence uncovered by recent unmanned missions. Parachutes have been used to land probes indicating a reasonable amount of air pressure, water has been detected both on and under the surface of Mars and there is even proof that snow falls on the planet full of surprises. As with its manned and unmanned Moon explorations, NASA has been accused of altering photographs and hiding evidence for Alien life forms that once existed on the planet, still exist there or visited the planet at some time in the past.

Since most people depend on science and scientists to supply the answers to the kind of questions that arise from subjects involving hollow planets and extraterrestrial life forms, they may find that the answers provided are based more on pet theories and government disinformation than anything else. Some NASA scientists are so opposed to the idea that life apart from our own exists in our universe that they openly argued with those willing to consider the possibility during a press conference held in the 1990s. The press event was held to announce the discovery of signs of Martian Life found on a meteorite.

The idea of a hollow earth or other hollow planets may not be palatable to most scientists, but there does seem to be evidence that some people living on our planet have traveled deep into caves or openings which lead to a place where humans may be able to survive and even flourish. The same may be true on other planets where environmental or other factors have caused entire planetary population to move underground. It’s also possible that Alien visitors to our world and other planets have found it convenience to use areas deep beneath the surface as places where they can establish semi-permanent bases or operating areas. Examine the evidence and decide for yourself.

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