Scientists investigate Starchildren DNA

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Scientists investigate Extraterrestrial contact with Human DNA resulting in Starchildren

by Mary Rodwell

223 Genes in Human DNA are Extraterrestrial in originTracey Taylor in 2000 indicated that a "new race of human beings has emerged. Whilst superficially they are undistinguishable however, they are the part of the next wave of the bringers of light, to assist humanity with the awakening of terrestrial consciousness. Human beings are awakening to their innate connection to the Universe."

A seven-year old boy called Boriska has also been presented as an example of this phenomenon. He is from the Volgograd region, and began to tell his family of his life on Mars, its inhabitants and civilisation. He said he knew of Earth and Lemuria in very specific detail. He possessed profound knowledge and a high intellect (Pravda, September 2004, Russia).

Boriska displayed signs of extraordinary behaviour. At two weeks of age he was able to raise his head, spoke his first word at four months and as a one-year-old, Boriska could read the large print of a newspaper.

With precision and clarity, he recounted his knowledge of Mars, planetary systems and their inhabitants. He spoke about the gifted kids which he referred to as ‘indigos’ and of their essential role in assisting humanity during the anticipated Earth Changes.

Starchildren as "New Humans"?

Renowned prophet and healer Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) not only spoke of a new humanity and referred to it as the 5th Root race but he also predicted that it would appear in the years 1998 to 2010.

Metaphysicians and other gurus also share the belief and the anticipation of this recent emergence of the new type of human they call Indigos. They are also referred to as "Children of the New Millennium", Crystal Children, Children of Light, Golden Children, to mention a few.

The ufology community is conducting research into the extraterrestrial phenomenon experienced by children. Their explorations thus far have produced such terms as the New Humans or, more commonly, Starchildren.

The profiles of the "Indigo children" share the same attributes or are strikingly similar. They are highly intelligent, creative, psychic, telepathic and posses healing and clairvoyant abilities.

The Indigo children also share an inherent capacity to articulately express knowledge and awareness of deep spiritual concepts, historical, anthropological and scientific data, far beyond the capacity of even the most learned scholars, regardless of their age, level of cognitive development, education and numerous other pertinent factors.

This confronting evidence has even captured the attention and interest of the Chinese government who are researching children who possess ‘exceptional human functioning’ (EHF), more commonly referred to as ‘China’s Super Psychics’.

Unfortunately, this research also suggests that these children are so different that they are often misunderstood and described as suffering from ADD (attention deficit disorder).

Despite the plethora of information and supporting evidence, this phenomenon still manages to defy our logic and challenges our beliefs and yet it is scientifically supported.

Everything seems to suggest that humanity is on the verge of an evolutionary quantum leap. If we accept this premise, is it not plausible that the phenomenon related to extraterrestrial experience is equally valid and could offer a reasonable explanation for these developments?

Metaphysicians who speak about the emerging Star Children or "New Humans" have professional, psychological and medical science backgrounds. Doreen Virtue, (The Crystal Children) has a PhD, and an MA and BA degree in Counselling Psychology. The publication The "Indigo Children" (1999) by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober took information from psychologists and therapists.

The research in China is sponsored by the government and suggests that the phenomenon is taken seriously. Ufology researchers, too, have credible science, medical and psychological backgrounds.

If we are changing as a species, ufology offers a reasonable explanation. Scientific, biological and anthropological anomalies certainly suggest some form of intervention in the evolution of Homo sapiens. The missing link in our evolutionary tree certainly indicates a primary intervention in our genetic make-up. If this is the case, then the New Humans may well have been orchestrated in a similar way with "genetic upgrades" in our DNA. But the present upgrade is so radical that it appears like an evolutionary jump start, hence the name the New Humans.

If humanity is experiencing a quantum leap in its evolution, why is it happening now? Star Children believe they are here to ‘guide the awakening of terrestrial consciousness’ (Tracey Taylor). But how will this be achieved?

New scientific research could provide us with some of those answers and may qualify what the Star Children seem to understand, such as their role in the awakening of human consciousness. It may also explain why our connections to certain extraterrestrials could be far more intimate than we have previously suspected, as well as why they are currently so interested in us.

Extraterrestrial contact and genetic manipulation?

UFOs and their appearance in our airspace have been systematically ridiculed as pure nonsense by governments for years. This has been an effective strategy, despite the evidence that one in ten people see such craft. Ridicule and disinformation has meant that most people will hesitate to speak of what they have seen, let alone admit they had any interactions with such craft. Evidence in the form of photographs, hours of video footage and credible testimony from airline pilots and military personnel seems to mean nothing. Even the radar sightings which confirm this reality are hidden from public view.

A medical practitioner, Dr Stephen Greer, supports a disclosure program and owns videotape of hundreds of hours of testimony from high ranking military personal. They all confirm that UFOs are real and that there is a systemic and deliberate cover up by government agencies. Retired American Army and NATO Command Sergeant-Major Robert Dean in the 1960s and 70s guarded COSMIC-classified files which showed that government agencies were fully aware that extraterrestrials and UFOs regularly penetrated our airspace.

Compelling as this is, the evidence of such craft in our skies is really a very small part of this phenomenon. Surely we have to ask who is controlling these craft and why are they here? Robert Dean believes that we are very closely connected to some Extraterrestrials, both spiritually and physically, and suggests that certain groups of them are responsible for the Star Child phenomenon.

English author and UFO investigator Jenny Randles agree wrote about this the Star Children phenomenon in, "The True Story of Alien Offspring Among Us".

It has been shown that contact experience is an inter-generational one and that such children appear to have heightened intellectual capabilities, exhibit extraordinary psychic and intuitive abilities and have knowledge that they have not consciously learnt. Ufology research shows that consistent genetic lines play an important factor in this phenomenon.

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