What was the cause of the spiral blue light over Norway?

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dinsdag 15 december 2009

There has been much speculation as to its cause. The following are some I have seen:

- A failed Russian missile launch

- A stargate

- A message from our Space colleagues. For example, this message ostensibly from Suzie Ward from her son Matthew:
"Matthew says this is the most profound sign yet from our brothers and sisters in other civilizations that the time is nearing for their presence to be properly acknowledged -- there is no way that those who do not want that to happen can explain away this dramatic sign. The overall spiral represents the unbroken interconnectedness of all souls from our Beginnings in the light -- the intense light at the centre -- and the blue spiral aimed at Earth is the most forceful evidence to date of their desire for us to consciously connect with them in the same spirit they have come.
The timing and location are significant, selected to mark the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to US President Obama for his vision and dedication to achieving world peace and to indicate that they are here to assist us reach this goal."

- Then there are those who attributed it to the cabal. This from Richard Boylan:
“This obviously-fake spiral in the sky is 3-D holography generated by the Cabal to: 1) practice putting on fake light shows in the sky in preparation for later projecting psychological warfare images, such as "incoming alien invaders" (sic); 2) to distract news station coverage time from President Obama's receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway last night (U.S. time); and 3) to generate speculation among uninformed citizens that "UFOs had something to do with it", while Cabal experts then get on television and mock such "credulity" and offer alternative "scientific" explanations.
“ Star Seeds, those television or Internet film clips are a perfect opportunity to do an energy reading on a phenomenon and find out who was behind it.
 “If you do an energy reading, as I did, you will find out that that sky light spiral did not have an energy signature (positive) of Star Visitor work, but rather had a very dark (negative) energy signature of Cabal trickery.“

- David Wilcock says that it is due to HAARP - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFWI0kbsiK8&feature=player_embedded

And so it has gone. Certainly it has been an event that has caught the imagination of many.
Carolyn and I were also fascinated by it. Was this some sign from above? Was it a stargate? So we asked for one of the Masters to come forth and explain it to us, and Jeshua came.

Below are some of his words:
...it is a sign of sorts, but not of the sort that you might think. It is a sign of the degree of damage that can be done by the CERN reactor if it is not managed properly. This phenomenon was created by the interaction of the CERN reactor with the gravitational field of the Earth and it has created this lightshow because of a resonance that was set up.
There are many ways that this very dangerous reactor can interfere with your planet; indeed the entire consciousness that creates your planet. It is a potentially very dangerous tool that is being used...
...there are others who disregard these risks, apparently in the name of science, but in truth they have less benign agendas...
...I encourage you to take this as a warning about how this collider is used...
Carolyn then asked what could be done to help protect the Earth from CERN’s misuse.
Jeshua explained that Carolyn could convene a conference call, bringing people together to establish such protection, using the energies that came to Earth on December 12th. After the recording, he said he would come forth and lead the call & that there was no need to do this before the New Year. We will put out a notice for this in due course.

There was much more in his message. To listen to it, go to http://tinyurl.com/ya6ntev.

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.


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