Approaching Critical Mass - Official Trailer

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donderdag 12 november 2009

Are we simply living in "Ordinary" times?

Are we truly powerless beings?

Could we truly be evolving into a new form of consciousness?

Where did we come from?

Is there a solution to end all illnesses and diseases?

Are we alone in the universe?

What lies ahead for us in the years to come?

All of these questions are addressed in the upcoming video presentation in the making: "Approaching Critical Mass." Join Brad Johnson, Metaphysical lecturer and in-depth researcher as he presents evidence to many of these questions addressed. What can be said is that we are not at all what we have been told we are. Human beings are far more greater than even we could possibly imagine. No more cover-ups, no more lies, no more withheld information. The truth on the potential of humanity, our origins and what we are destined to become will all be revealed as we are Approaching Critical Mass.

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