Understanding the NWO: America, Israel, Islam, Internationalism, Corporatism, Leftist

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woensdag 4 november 2009

Understanding the NWO: America, Israel, Islam, Internationalism, Corporatism, Leftist

Those seeking to exert global dominance are a small band of financial elitists who seek to organize the world in a standardized, financially-dependent format through which they can dictate centralized financial control.

This is largely manifested through their control of multi-national corporatism, which seeks to suppress competition for the sake of monopoly, and to fixate the consciousness of the worlds populace on financial and consumerist matters. This grants all meaningful power to the elites, since theses are the matters they control.

The current situation with the American economy reflects an elitist attempt to essentially bankrupt America, at which point she and her citizenry will be at the mercy of the elitist global financiers who are no doubt posed to step forward and bail Her out.

The end goal is for every aspect of American society to be dictated through financial coercion, so as to serve the whims of the global financial elitists, who manifest themselves through such entities as the Federal Reserve, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations, to name a few.

While some persons of Jewish descent are involved in the elitist plot, even as there are non-Jews, it is not a Jewish plan of world dominance, as many of the intellectually challenged seem to think. In fact, the elitists are a subset of their own creation, with no distinct ties to any particular nation, religion, or culture. Arab oil money seems to emit a a particularly strong influence, as perhaps can be evidenced by the pro-Arab/anti-Israeli attitude of the elitist poster child, Barack Obama. He is their puppet with which to sway the masses to their favor. While reeking of unrealized populist rhetoric, he has made the United States government nothing but a tool of Wall Street.

When the discriminatory powers of those who would oppose such a world order have evolved to the point where they gladly welcome into their orbit the Israeli nationalists, thereby bringing onboard needed Jewish talent , they will have sufficient resources with which to successfully oppose the financial elitists. Until then, they can sit around at their desks and call each other names on YouTube, as our world evaporates.

As for the financial elitists, they will never realize their goal of world domination, or if so, for a very brief period. Their attempt, via corporatism, to suppress competition, stands in opposition to the chief dictate of nature, which demands unlimited competition. Nature is a force which is no respecter of persons, and will break on the rock of evolution all who stray from its rigorous demands.

Bedsides, by attempting to limit the realm of human experience to the left brain materialist concerns which they dominate, the elitists are attempting to bypass and diminish what is most primal and most powerful within the human psyche: The right brain psychological feminine, which we might simply call spirituality. In other words, since they control materialism and cannot control spirituality, they try to destroy spirituality. This is tantamount to a tree trying to destroy its roots---There can be no successful outcome. A brutal price will necessarily be paid.

Poetically speaking, the financial elitists have raped the Goddess--The right brain psychological feminine--and now they are attempting to murder Her.

However, the leftist media brainwashing of Western culture may have so weakened the West that radical Islam will successfully realize its goal of world domination. Though a perverse spirituality, it is a spirituality nonetheless, and is poised to fill the spiritual vacuum created by the financial elitists who have robustly sought to destroy spirituality in order to propagate their materialist program of control.

The financial elitists and leftists are ultimately in the same orbit as radical Islam, and constitute a united assault on Western culture, and on Israeli nationalism. Nationalist-leaning entities in the West must coordinate themselves with the Israelis for the mutual survival of both.

One can only hope that some of the elitists will come to the aid of nationalism, bringing with them badly needed talent and leadership ability. After all, the true struggle is not against elitism, but against internationalism.

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