Nikola Tesla, the most brilliant scientist

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zaterdag 15 augustus 2009

Everyone, or almost everyone today knows a few things about Nikola Tesla.
There are numerous companies bearing his name, including an electric car company out of California named ‘Tesla Motors’.

Tesla´s most famous contribution was the theory of polyphase alternating current electricity, which he used to build the first induction motor, invented in 1882, as well as developing the designs of numerous other electrical machines and related technology. His theory and many of his patentss form the basis for the modern electric power system. Tesla is also noted for inventing the Tesla coil and a bladeless turbine (which functions on the principles of fluid viscosity and the boundary layer effect). Tesla´s contributions to the modern world are widely regarded as more important and long-lasting than those of his nemesis, one-time employer, Thomas Edison.

Life magazine, in a special double issue, listed Tesla in the "100 Most Important People in the Last 1000 Years". He occupied the 57th position, citing him as "[one of] the most farsighted inventors of the electrical age". They state his work on the rotating magnetic field and alternating currents helped electrify the world. [1]

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