New Sightings of Tall Strange Beings - Wiltshire, UK

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zondag 12 juli 2009

ColinAndrews.net is reporting new information and more sightings of strange beings in Wiltshire, UK.

Following the report on Monday, 6th July (Three Strange Beings Reported at Crop Circle - Silbury Hill, Wiltshire) by a police sergeant of three extremely tall beings he witnessed in a field near Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England and the posting on this website, I have received several other reports, and I encourage others who have information to also please contact me.

One report is extraordinary and allegedly received the immediate attention, of a government organization to the home of the witness. I asked for written details about this exceptional (and some what scary) case and received those details last night. I will not be making any further public statement about the details until they can be fully verified, only to say this:

I trust my source in Washington DC implicitly and he trusts the originating source but to get to the bottom of it, I am going to have to do some leg work, best done quietly. The witness claims to have had a very close encounter with a 8-9 feet tall being, north of Silbury Hill, in Wiltshire, England.

He was visited by three government officers (details with me) who produced a book of sketches of different ET beings and ask the witness which one he had seen. At least two agencies were allegedly involved which should help verify this case. Full details later.

A second report was sent to me also yesterday by a woman driving the A4 (the highway that runs east-west next to Silbury Hill), and was driving on the east side of Marlborough, Wiltshire when she estimates a 7-8 feet tall being came out of a gateway from a field and jumped back as the car passed - his head appeared triangular shape. The latter incident took place three years ago. I have details of the exact location etc, which will be posted as part of a much more extensive report including other similar reports later.

I will pursue the first incident that involved several government agencies when I arrive in England next week. On the face of it, the three officers from one of these agencies revealed by their actions, that the government knows much more about these beings than they have so far declared under the new open policy surrounding the UFO subject.

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