ThePilgrim channeled Udo Limpopo - 29 November 2012

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Groningen, donderdag 29 november 2012

Last night for the first time in my life I was greeted by an other-dimensional being after having been woken in the most peculiar way (of which I won’t write any details right now).

While shining his devine light in all directions Udo Limpopo told me that the prediction of 21 december 2012 being the life and world changing event it is supposed to be is completely true, but only different than what we have been told to expect thusfar. Also according to Udo Limpopo, life will become more blissfull and the changes will be mind altering.

At 11:11 (Mexican Time) all around the world all alcohol will change into pure water and every attempt henceforth with the intention to create alcohol will result in the creation of pure water. Also all medicines will change abruptly, all medicine will change into pro-bacteria drinks and pills. All cigerates or other nicotine products will chance into THC containing products.

Yes, life will be totally different and blissfull!

All chemical products that have a negative impact on the environment will change into healthy sweeteners and/or vitamins.

Besides that, as a result to our negative views on the world and ourselves we’ll transform into old people walking like the hunchback of notre dame for the coming 100 years.
Those few people that already have found a healthy positive way of thinking about themselves and other spiritual beings will show to become elf-like creature with beautifull fit and radiant bodies and never ending sexual lust ... they’ll come to live another 100 years taking part in food and sex orgies.

After explaining me al these things he assured me that i am to be an elf-like creature that will thorougly enjoy the coming 100 years.
He expressed to me that it would also be in my interest to inform as much as possible other people of this future, as to create bigger masses attending these orgies.

Then with a flash of light he dispersed into nothingness and the night was normal again.

So there you have it fellow humans, I urge you to come to your senses!
I wish you to have the same kind of future as me, but most of all I wish to enjoy as much fruits as possible the coming 100 years ;)


Bron: Udo Limpopo through ThePilgrim