Amazing City Of Giants Found Off Georgia Coast

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A gigantic walled city off the coast of Georgia has been found near Sapelo Island. The city is thought to be older than the famous Egyptian Pyramids of Giza. Ancient American Indian legends refer to the walled city where the giants 'with hair like red flames' dwelled. Across the tribal lands of what is now the South and Southwestern United States, the red-haired giants were known and feared. The legends claim the city was destroyed by pieces of the Moon falling to Earth.

The Sapelo Shell Ring Complex

Archeologists have made an amazing underwater find about six hours off the coast of Georgiaa legendary, ancient walled city discussed by many Native American tribes over sputtering campfires for untold generations.

The Sapelo Shell Ring Complex, as it's called, is older than many of the structures of ancient Egypt. The city is at least 4,400 years old, and perhaps much older than that.

The city was constructed on land before the seas rose to swallow it up, so it was likely built during one of the last smaller Ice Ages before the icecap retreated (creating the stories of the Great Flood).

That places the origin of the city and its heyday in the middle of the period when giants ruled parts of the Earth from South and Central America to southern North America, parts of Asia, and pockets of Eastern and Western Europe.

Chart of the giants showing relative sizes

While most Homo Sapiens at the time were barely five feet tall, and many were in the four-foot range, the giants were big even by modern day standards.

The race of giants, according to Native American tales, recovered skeletons, and ancient tools, towered far above average humans. The men were as tall as 10 to 12 feet and many of the women reached nine feet or taller.

Giants footprints are found all over world, like this one in Africa

Orthodox scientists are scratching their collective heads over the discovery.

Until the undeniable proof of the existence of what was once considered a native myth, archaelogists and anthropologists clung to the belief that North America was only populated by primitive natives who subsisted as hunter-gatherers and were yet to create agriculture.

The Sapelo Shell Ring Complex challenges that belief. Of the architecture that remains of what was once a large city-complex, the dwellings, layouteven stairswere built to accomodate men twice as tall as most men today.

Fresco depicts giants' wars with gods and humans

End of the Bronze Age

Three decades before the giants built their walled city, the European Bronze Age collapsed. The end of that age came after ongoing wars with roaming bands of ferocious, leather-clad giants that dominated the land and treated puny humans as nuisances, and sometimes cattle.

Native American legends claim the giants were fierce

Ancient myths claim that some of the Giant clan were cannabalistic and enjoyed the taste of well-roasted "long pig." Horrific tales still survive of the massive bonfires constructed by giants in preparation for their feasts upon human flesh.

Traces of giant footprint in Southeast U.S.

Many historical documents describe the giants and some even tell of the walled cities where they lived. The cities were places of evil and terror to the primitive humans that roamed the savage, unforgiving wilderness outside the safe harbor of the more technologically advanced giants and their walled fortress-cities.

Facsimile skull of a giant depicting terrifying size

Among the most famous references to the giants that still survives today is the passge from the Old Testament [Genesis 6:4]: "There were giants on the Earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown."

The ancient walled citadel off the Georgia coast is one of the cities of the giant "mighty men of old; the men of renown."

Cast of the famous 'Bluecreek Giant Footprint'a smaller female

The Timucua and Yuchi

Two tribes that met the early European explorers were the Timucua and Yuchi. According to the explorers, both tribes dwelled in round, walled villages. The walled villages, however, were fairly primitive, smaller, and crudely made. They were not near the level of the giants' citadel under the sea off Georgia's coast. It is likely the more primitive tribepeople tried to copy the giants' walled city.

Although a probable hoax, photo does depict scale of a giant's skull

Researchers of both tribal histories note that the two Native American cultures had a language similar to that of some tribes living deep in the interior of what's now Venezuela. Because of that clue, some archaeologists have theorized that the tribes moved from northern South America to what is now the southeastern United States: primarily regions in Florida and eastern Georgia.

But the Yuchi legends speak of their original homes being located where Cuba and the Bimini islands now lie. Off the coast of Cuba, huge megalithic stones have been discovered, and it's long been believed by some researchers that the fabled city of Atlantis lies beneath the Caribbean waters near Bimini.

Giant vs. Human lower jaw. Giants were said to be cannibals

If those two tribes made their way northwards as the waters rose, only to confront the land of ther giants, what fear must have shaken their hearts. Ongoing skirmishes and battles between the two races escalated as each sought the take the same resources from the land.

With their city fortress, the giants were well defended. They could mount raids and sent out scouts and foraging parties while the natives had little protection and few places to seek safety.

Yet in the long run the natives prevailed. One reason may have been a barrage of meteors and small asteroids that inundated parts of the world from as far south as what's now Argentina to as far north and east as major parts of Europe and China.

Remains of 9-foot, red-haired female mummy...from China!

Civilizations collapsed, cities and settlements destroyed, and the Bronze Age came to an abrupt end as much of the world's nore advanced cultures fell briefly backwards into primitivism.

Legends of the Moon breaking and falling from the sky, impact craters dated as about 4,000 years old, and the sudden loss of agriculture and technology across the world, support the legends of tribes that left the southern hemisphere migrating towards the north.

What awaited them were the giants and their walled cities, until "pieces of the falling Moon" disrupted the carefully planned giants' settlements and threw them into their own migration where they fought Southwestern Indian tribes.

The giants, defeated by the elements and the meteoric storms that destroyed their city, fought the Plains and Southwestern native tribes until they were finally, totally defeated in their last stand against the Paiutes in what later became the state of Utah.[See America's astonishing war against the cannibal giants]

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