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U.S.: Thousands of fish dead along I-210 beach

Lake Charles, Louisiana - Thousands of dead fish were discovered Wednesday, lining the shore of the I-210 beach.

Most of the fish washed ashore on the southwest corner of the beach.

Officials with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries identified the fish as Shad, which are known to travel in huge schools and are more common in creeks.

Biologists collected samples of the fish to send off for testing. Though no official results are back, biologists said the fish kill was most likely caused by low oxygen levels. Low oxygen levels are usually caused by low tides and high temperatures and usually affect one species.

Fish kills are common along the Gulf Coast, especially during the summer months.

Since officials don't believe the fish pose any threat to humans or animals, the I-210 beach remains open.

US: Second Wave of Mystery Pelican Deaths Hits Topsail Beach, North Carolina

A second wave of mysterious pelican injuries and deaths has occurred in the past several weeks at Topsail Island in North Carolina following earlier incidents about six months ago in which about 250 pelicans died as a result of still undetermined causes.




Dozens of dolphins found dead in Ukraine

Thirty one dolphins were found dead in the Crimean Peninsula in Southern Ukraine, the press office of the Emergencies Ministry in Crimea reported Tuesday.

According to officials, the dead dolphins were scattered in an area of 2 km along the coastal zone.

Experts said the probable cause of the mammalian deaths is getting into the fishing nets. The majority of the dolphins have visible wounds on their body, some of them have damaged or missing fins.

Now the experts are conducting a thorough investigation into the death of these animals. After the investigation, they will give the results to the Island's environmental prosecutor's office.

The dead dolphins belong to the sort of harbor porpoises, the smallest dolphins that live in the Crimean Peninsula coastal waters.

They are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine and the International Red Book as endangered species. Harbor porpoises are protected by several international legal rules.

US: Hundreds of fish die in Wichita park's pond

undreds of fish have died at Buffalo Park pond in west Wichita because of lack of water, and the city expects the toll to climb to about 1,000.

A combination of three factors have contributed to the kill, said Doug Kupper, the city's parks and recreation director.

The pond, near Central and Maize Road, has been leaking from the bottom and suffering from an invasive plant that has been removing oxygen from the water for a couple of years. Recent hot weather has evaporated more of the water, he said.

Temperatures over the last couple of days have accelerated the kill, Kupper said.

The city has begun removing the carcasses of the dead fish and will continue as the pond dries.

The city is allowing the pond to drain completely to find leaks in the bottom and to destroy the invasive plant, called Eurasian water milfoil, Kupper said.

The city explored catching and moving the fish to another body of water, he said, but that would have infected their new water with the invasive plant.

Kupper said the city plans to repair the leaks once it determines where they are, and the state will restock the pond with fish.

The pond is operated in partnership with the Kansas Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Kupper said the goal is to re-open the park for fishing in 2012.





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