Recent Ice age in Europe is caused by BP Oil spill

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Groningen, maandag 20 december 2010

Scientific reports from may and june 2010 concluded that the loop current which flows through the Gulf of Mexico was broken by the major oil spill caused by BP. The scientists warned that this disruption stops the warm water streaming towards Europe and could lead to a new Ice age…

So, that’s what we’re experiencing in Europe right now…

Most recent data from the Gulf of Mexico (Satellite image December 18, 2010) shows that the current loop has been restored to almost normal proportions. So nature has done a good job so far. Hopefully the damage done will be limited to one very cold winter.

I think it is time to call for those responsible of doing this and covering it up.
We cannot tolerate this devastation of Mother Earth!


Scientific article Associazione Geofisica Italy (Pdf)

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