Chemtrails Are Good For Us?

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Groningen, dinsdag 20 oktober 2009

This is the perspective of a free thinker who witnesses trails every day, currently starting at 0753EST, when first spray plane takes off.

I live three miles from Hector International Airport, which has an Air National Guard group renting runways there for a mere dollar per year. Since Fargo is not a hot-spot for tourists, there are only several passenger planes flying in and out throughout the day. Civilian flights are either southbound (toward Denver), or eastbound (toward Minneapolis-St. Paul). The opposite is true for inbound flights. Soooo... the point of this paragraph is that civilian aircraft is easy to track.

The next group of planes are provided by the Air National Guard (ANG), with F-16's flying various training maneuvers and exercises. Even a monkey can tell the difference between the fighter and civilian aircraft, so I won't go into depth there. I would like to mention, though, that when both are flying in for their approaches, there is no trail. When the fighter jets are flying at high altitudes, there are never trails. This makes me hypothesize that the (ANG) has nothing to do with spraying, because of course they have bigger fish to fry during this current era.

Finally, come the group of planes that spray. I get the elite honour of seeing them up close during takeoff and landing, though they do not have a set schedule. If I had no life, I would definitely be sitting outside in a lawn chair every day to watch these guys. Some of the planes are propeller, others have jet-engines. They are either gray or white, no markings, and exceptional flyers. They have only a few windows in the fuselage.

Their morning paths depend on the wind direction. If the wind is coming from the North, they fly due North and spray low on the horizon during morning twilight, though I have caught one near the morning moon flying at a 45deg angle, like he enjoying the view.

The afternoon paths depend on cloud cover, which lately has been medium-heavy every day, even if Weather.Com predicts a cloudless day. I will focus on this later. The afternoon has NUMEROUS trails, intersection each other at various phases of development. Lots of day they were spraying orange clouds underneath the white cloud cover.

By evening, they're finished and sporadic. There's usually a dense cloud cover by this time, and they're impossible to spot. I personally think the afternoon is their last "mission."

Sooooo... here's my theory and supporting data:

Theory Chemtrails are for our benefit.

1) Chemtrails are real. Even twenty years ago when I was a young child my father would take me to air shows to see the Blue Angels, which would spray colorful trails across the sky. This was twenty years ago, folks. Back then you could even rent a plane to spray messages to your loved one. Now flip forward to twenty years later. During the past twenty years we have experienced a technological advancement like no other during humanity. This advancement isn't solely about bigger TV's and smaller cell phones, this advancement also includes government technology and aspirations.

2) I live in an area where the local commerce depends on two things, crops and the military. The food supply and the military are the two utmost things that a government protects, with its citizens a close third (sad but true).

3) The final result of the spraying is an additional, lower cloud cover. This is what leads to my hypothesis.

Hypothesis The government is spraying to protect us, and our crops, from the harmful UV rays that resulted from the current deterioration of our atmosphere. By producing an additional and fake cloud cover they are ensuring that our crops and our citizens do not fry.

Arguing that chemtrails do not exist is like saying mosquito sprayers do not exist. Sure, they are most likely spraying chemicals, but chemicals exist in all areas of our daily lives. Our water supply

, our food supply, our air, our cigarettes all contain chemicals in one form or another. Some of our daily actions include inhaling/eating/drinking pathogenic substances. All species produce waste in one form or another, whether it be chemical or biological. I am suggesting that perhaps, just maybe, the government is trying to do something about the effects of ozone depletion.

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