Abraham: "I love..." (Esther & Jerry Hicks)

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Groningen, zondag 10 mei 2009


I love the world tuning into this, I love knowing that people are feeling better. I love knowing that diseases are becoming less. I love knowing that prosperity is beginning to come on strong. I love imagining what's in my vibrational escrow for mankind, I love knowing the prosperity that mankind has amassed. I love seeing individuals all over the planet getting a hang of this and allowing their abundance to flow. I love watching the prosperity level of All rising. I love feeling better most of the time. I love my friends. I love the people that I work with.
I love the freeway system in this nation. I love the vehicles. I love the technology. I love my computer. I love the Internet. I love the media. (I love the media). I love the well-being of this planet. I love knowing that all is well. I love feeling the essence of who I am flowing. I love being in this body. I love living life. I love the contrast and what it provides. I love my guidance system that lets me know where I am in relationship to what I've asked for. I love recognizing that I've got negative emotion. I love finding thoughts that feel better. I looove the feeling of relief. I love turning and going with the flow. I love living life.

 I love being a deliberate creator. I love being here in physical form. I love being an opportunity for others to observe well-being. I love being an uplifter. I love being tuned in, tapped in, turned on. I love being the contrast. I love sometimes being hungry so that food tastes so good and I love sometimes not allowing for the thrill of when I allow. I love the feeling of knowing what to do even when I'm not doing it. I love knowing that I know what to do even when I'm not doing it. I love knowing that well-being is the order of this Universe. I love knowing that well-being flows and is predominant.
I love knowing that I'm a non-physical energy and that part of me is here and I love knowing that SOURCE is always aware of me, not just aware of me FULL of me, within me, calling me. I love my guidance system that lets me feel the call of source. I love feeling that negative emotion that is my tugging that let's me know I'm not going. I love being in control of my experience. I love giving up control of others. I love letting go of all things that have nothing to do with me, which includes everything except my thought and my word and my action. I love guiding myself more expressly. I love these processes that people offer. I love these wonderful books and the effort that so many people are offering. I love these teachers of well-being that are wanting to provide an example of upliftment. I appreciate so much that there are so many things for us to dip our toe into experience.
 I love being alive. I love the contrast. I love my guidance. I love closing the gap. I love widening the gap because then it makes closing the gap feel so good. I love life, I love being alive. I love it all. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. It's the only goal we'd ever set: wanna feel good. Wanna feel good. Wanna feel good. Wanna feel as good as I can feel from where I am.

Chicago 13th, 2008


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